Nicholas Cage Goes Bat-Shit Crazy in Vampire’s Kiss

Nicolas Cage has been getting a lot of attention lately from the movie studios, in the midst of so much vampire stuff, –it’s funny, for anyone who remembers ‘Vampire’s Kiss’, to see Nick Cage trying to compete with the vampire craze, when 20 years ago, he was starring in his own weirdass vampire movie. I get this mental image of an ancient Nick Cage sitting Indian-style, with a bunch of adolescent actors in a ‘story-time’ circle, reminiscing, “You know kids, I was in a vampire movie too, in a galaxy, far, far away, called The 80s.” But now he’s a wizard in the wonderful world of Disney, –probably trying to cover up his Vampire’s Kiss escapade, like a cat covering up a big turd.

But to be fair, Cage was awesome in Vampire’s Kiss, because it was so out of character for him to play a psychopath, if you don’t count his performance in Face Off with John Travolta, which wasn’t -that- psychopathic, by far, in comparison to Cage’s starring role in Vampire’s Kiss. He ranted, he raved, and eventually, he was staked. The story follows an extremely uptight executive who eventually cracks under pressure, and after a visit from Rachel, played by 80’s hottie Jennifer Beals, he believes she’s turned him into a vampire. After that, shit rolls downhill.

Peter starts seriously abusing his secretary, Alva, and eventually rapes her. He also ends up murdering a club girl, and drinking her blood, then starts ranting on a street-corner, –though he believes he’s really speaking to his therapist, who basically tells him it’s okay to kill people. The movie ends, when Alva’s brother stakes Peter, thus killing the ‘vampire’, –at least, that’s what’s happening in Peter’s mind. The movie is an awesome example of the crazy vampire obsession, and how it spontaneously develops in ‘normal’ looking people. ‘Vampire syndrome’ isn’t something that affects people who love all things vampire, –it’s indicative of other, serious mental illnesses. wanna see Nicolas Cage wandering around, completely out of his usual typecast role of ‘good guy with issues’? Check out Vampire’s Kiss, and watch Cage have a psychotic breakdown!

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