Nina Dobrev on Being a Vampire in The Vampire Diaries

As every Vampire Diaries fan knows – Elena is now a vampire! The big Season 3 finale ended with Elena being turned into a vampire after drowning. Season 4 won’t be back until next year (booo!) but the cast are already sharing dish on the upcoming season. Nina Dobrev herself chatted about Elena being a vampire, her choosing Stefan and more. Check out the interview below!

Nina on Elena as a vampire:
“We’re definitely going to see her whole transition into becoming a vampire. We’re not going to skip over it, as we have with others. Becoming a vampire, everything you feel is heightened. . . We know what Elena’s like: She has high morals, she looks out for other people. So what’s Elena going to be like with those things accentuated?”

On Elena’s relationship with her teen witch best friend, now that she’s a vampire:
“Their relationship is probably going to be so strained because of that. Her best friend, the one person she’s been fighting to protect, is now what she’s been fighting against all this time. It’s going to be interesting.”

On fan reaction to Elena choosing Stefan over Damon:
“It does kind of feel like you’re disappointing half the people. But you’re always going to disappoint half the people with this kind of storyline. I think we gave them both what they wanted at some point or another during the season, so it’s not like we shunned them or disregarded their wants.”

On missing playing a human in addition to her second character, Katherine, who’s a vampire too:
“I liked having one human and one vampire, because then I get the best of worlds and I get to do a variety of things. But, then again, it is going to be different for me and it’s going to be challenge. It’s going to be more fun to sort of explore that world.”

Read the interview itself over HERE.

What are your thoughts on Elena being a vampire?

– Moonlight

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