No Midnight Showing For ‘Vampire Academy’ Fans…

Yesterday morning, I took an hour-long break from work to drive to the theater and get Vampire Academy tickets. Not my local theater, of course. My local theater wasn’t playing Vampire Academy at midnight. A few suburbs over, however, there was one lonely screening, and it was very important I got tickets.

With all the messages sent from you, over the past week about a midnight showing of this newly released vampire movie, we could find no theaters having one. I have come to find out, the production company who does ‘Vampire Academy’ does not allow Thursday midnight showings of their movies. Personally, I feel like this is lost revenue for the movie, and I’m unsure why they would have this policy in place, but since they do, I hope those of you, who were intent on seeing the midnight showing that never was, will have the chance to see it this weekend. Let us know what you thought, but no spoilers please, so everyone can enjoy it.

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  1. I didn’t pay for a midnight viewing of vampire academy but yesterday before work I checked for a midnight viewing, found none, thought wtf, after my job working second shift I went to my favorite theater to scope it out, found none, I was like what the?

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