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No more DEATH DAY, Bughuul heading to TV?

I’d be fine with it, actually, if Jason Blum brought his SINISTER franchise, along with its star Bughuul to television, as he recently suggested he might do on Twitter. This announcement came after he answered a fan’s question regarding the possibility of seeing SINISTER 3 in theaters with a resounding “nope.” (In regards to television all he would give is a definite “maybe.”) And howzabout a HAPPY DEATH DAY 3? Blum stated that it was “[n]ot very [likely to happen], but not impossible.” Like I said, I’m fine with SINISTER going to television, and the HAPPY DEATH DAY story has been satisfyingly concluded, but why are we not getting more movies?

Yes, both HAPPY DEATH DAY2U and SINISTER 2 failed to rake in the numbers that their predecessors did. Nonetheless they were *way* profitable. Let’s run some numbers, shall we?

In order for a movie to be considered profitable, it must earn back approximately two-and-a-half times its budget. HAPPY DEATH DAY2U has thus far made 50 million worldwide. Its budget was 9 million. If we multiply the budget for the film, we get 22.5 million, right? That means the movie made 27.5 million in profit. Read that again. 27.5 MILLION DOLLARS in PROFIT.

What about SINISTER 2? It earned 52.8 million dollars. It cost 10 million. That means it raked in 27.8 MILLION DOLLARS in pure PROFIT.

What the hell, Blumhouse? Are y’all just that damn greedy? Just how many tens of millions of dollars does a movie have to make before you consider it worthy of a sequel?

TheCheezman • March 17, 2019

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