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What does it mean, now that Paramount has pulled the plug on the long-in-development sequel to WORLD WAR Z? It means that Brad Pitt is reportedly pissed off, which might mean that he won’t be working for Paramount again. (I doubt it, though, as money has a way of smoothing over hurt feelings.) The budget approved for the sequel was less than that of the first film, but this was because the production team had requested less money, and the project had been on hold to allow director David Fincher’s schedule to clear, to allow him to direct. Everything was looking good for the ball to start rolling. What happened? Some sources suggest that Paramount chose to focus on MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE sequels instead. (How many more of those damn things are they gonna make, anyway?) And Paramount is not the most financially healthy production studio out there to begin with. But is there anything more to it?

Does the cancellation of the WORLD WAR Z sequel, along with the rapidly depleting ratings for AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD, suggest that the public at large is finally getting tired of zombies? Don’t bet on it. We may not get another WORLD WAR Z movie but there are still plenty of zombie-themed properties waiting to fill the void.

TheCheezman • March 4, 2019

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