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No Regrets

Chris Morgan was an architect for the planned “Dark Universe” shared universe for the classic Universal Monsters. “I don’t [have] regrets or anything like that…I think it’s just, you know, I think it probably was trying to come together too quickly [which is just another way of saying the whole thing was rushed—ED], I would say. And I think everyone got to take a breath and take a step back and take a look at it, and now just focus on maybe doing it a little bit slower [and doing it the right way?—ED]…I think Universal’s going about the monster films the right way [I just said that.—ED]…Which is to really focus on taking a good script, good story, put it out there, if you’re going to build a universe build it from something strong like that. And I think they’re not so much worried about putting a universe out there as they are making great monster films, so I’m looking forward to seeing them.” [So are we.—ED]

So he doesn’t have any regrets, but he admits that they all screwed the pooch with the Dark Universe. Maybe he *should* have regrets? And maybe he should stick to the FAST AND THE FURIOUS movies, like the one that’s out now, mindless action fare at which he seems to excel.

As much as I love sexy Sofia Boutella, it doesn’t sadden me that we won’t see her return to the role of the Mummy. My only regret about the Dark Universe tanking is that Luke Evans likely won’t get to play Dracula again. DRACULA UNTOLD was seriously crippled by lousy editing, but there was such potential, and Evans was perfect in the role. Oh, what could have been…

TheCheezman • August 11, 2019

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