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No Room In Tut’s Tomb

For years, scientists have speculated that there was a secret room hidden in the tomb of Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings. Doggone technology had to come along and spoil it for everyone. Ground-penetrating radar has determined conclusively that there are no unknown, undiscovered rooms in the tomb complex. Previous scans along those lines had proven inconclusive. The latest results didn’t leave any such wiggle room for the hopeful. It had been theorized that the still-undiscovered tomb of Queen Nefertiti might be connected to that of Tut, hidden behind a wall. No such luck.

All the artifacts contained in the tomb are being transferred to a new museum, one at a time. This project has been taking place for the past several years now. Thus far, the movement of the artifacts doesn’t seem to have reignited the infamous “curse” of the boy Pharaoh. (The curse does not officially exist, and is of course not recognized by the scientific community. If there IS a curse, it’s a seemingly inconsistent one. Yet there HAVE been numerous strange occurrences associated with Tut’s tomb. The last time they planned to take King Tut out of Egypt, there was reportedly a citywide blackout in Cairo. As the artifacts won’t be leaving the city this time, maybe it won’t ruffle the Pharaoh’s feathers.)

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TheCheezman • May 21, 2018

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