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NOS4A2 gets a Second Season!

Just last week I was lamenting the approaching end of this tantalizing series, wishing that it might continue in some way. I haven’t been keeping up with the ratings, since I knew that the series was based on the book, the solitary book, by Joe Hill. The season will tell the story, I figured. One and done. If the adventures of Charlie Manx were to continue into a second season, I knew, it would require venturing into all original content, with no literary foundation upon which to construct it, save the one degree of separation to Hill’s novel. For that reason, I doubted the chances of us seeing a second season. Well, second novel be damned! AMC is giving us a second season! Huzzah!

This makes we wonder what a second season will look like. We can expect the major players to return. I do know that the TV series has differed drastically in places from the novel; the latter features an older Vic McQueen chasing after a dead-but-resurrected Charlie Manx. Maybe the second season *will* follow the novel after all, just covering all the ground that they retconned for the first season. I’m fine with that. Actually I’m fine with it whatever they do (within reason). I’m just glad to get more NOS4A2!

TheCheezman • July 23, 2019

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