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Notes from the Twilight Director, Catherine Hardwicke

I stumbled across this interview of Catherine Hardwicke, the director of Twilight, while flipping through some fan pages. In the interview Catherine talks about the same old “director talking about their big-time movie” kinda stuff such as music, her tight budget, blah blah blah. What I actually found most interesting about the interview was the questions the interviewer asked. While Catherine seemed to give the same old responses, it was the questions from the fans that really got me thinking. They touched on just about everything that we all think of when we read the books or watch the movie. These are some of my favorite excerpts from the interview, from The Twilight Saga,

“Twilightforest : If you had the opportunity to go back to the production of Twilight (aware of the story lines left out of the movie that the fans loved in the book) what major part of the book would you add or expand on?

CH: I think the film was about the right length. What did you miss?

Leanne: What was the most frustrating scene to bring to life from the script?

CH: Working in the extreme weather conditions last winter made the outdoor scenes difficult — especially the baseball scene and the scene at La Push beach. We were FREEZING!!!

What overall scene were you most proud of when you were finished shooting the movie?

CH: I love the “how long have you been seventeen?” scene. I like the intoxicating camera moves and the actor’s performances. I also love the kissing scene.

Lynn: When dealing with your actors, were there any special exercises you would have them do to help them get into character?

CH: We sometimes did improvs of scenes that weren’t in the film — like we rehearsed Bella’s phone call to her father, asking if she could come live with him. We also had a choreographer come teach a “cat class” — showing us how predators move when stalking their prey and fighting. Nikki and Rachelle especially got into it — we almost had a delicious CAT FIGHT.

Salomé: I would like to know… if you were a character of the movie/saga, who would you be?

CH: I’d want to be Bella!

Ashley: What is one thing you learned from directing Twilight that you will bring with you into future films?

CH: The relationship between the characters is the most important element. The chemistry between Bella and Edward had to be powerful to make us care.

CarleneLove: Quickly, I wanted to say how much I loved the comedy that you brought to the story in the movie. My question is, what were your thinking and ideas as far as adding in the lighter moments?

CH: Laughter provides relief from the serious moments — it breaks the tension. We all want variety in our lifes — friends that make us laugh, make us cry, make us feel. I saw Bella’s human friends and her father as great places to inject comedy. I also wanted to feel the absurdity of Edward bringing his girlfriend home to meet his “family — a “housefull of vampires”! …. And — I like to LAUGH!”

I have to say, that whole “How long have you been seventeen?” scene gets me every time too. But I think my favorite line from that movie is later on in that scene when Bella and Edward dart to some far corner of the woods and talk about being the stupid lamb and the sick, masochistic lion, respectively. And as for my funniest moment, I like it when Bella and Edward are in the greenhouse on a school trip and Bella stumbles so that Edward can catch her. Rolling his eyes at her, he says, “Can you at least try to be careful?” But I must say, that whole scene where Bella goes to meet his family is pretty fabulous too. Oh, I could go on and on!

What character from the books would you like to be? What are your favorite lines?

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kate • October 20, 2009

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