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Obligatory Reporting on THE WALKING DEAD

Yes, it is official. I am over THE WALKING DEAD. And “over” in this sense by the original definition, not the wrestling definition. (In the latter, “over” is a good thing. It means success. To say a guy goes over with the crowd means that he has achieved a degree of status, guaranteed to get a strong reaction from audiences.) I’m tired of the show. I’m tired of reporting about the show. Yet I am nothing if not professional, so I will continue to do my job. But the love is gone, man. I just ain’t feeling it anymore.

Expect Negan to get a face-turn next season. (More wrestling terminology. This is when a bad guy turns into a good guy.) With the threat of the Whisperers, Negan and his bat will be needed. Said showrunner Angela Kang: “We had a whole year with him in his cell…people might’ve noticed that when he was in that bed in the infirmary, he was not tied up or cuffed…we’re dealing with the next stage of what things are for Negan. I think for people who have been wanting us to release [him] there will be some satisfaction there.” Might this release and rehabilitation for the character have anything to do with the fact that Danai Gurira is leaving the show? They need a new white hat to replace her? If so, how’s that hat going to fit sitting on Negan’s head? The idea of Negan transitioning to a good guy is a *little* intriguing, given his history. I dig on complex characters.

TheCheezman • July 26, 2019

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