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Of Legos and Real Estate

I’ve been posting a bit as of late about the upcoming big screen remake of Stephen King’s IT. Last week I reported on the fact that King’s character from the book, the Turtle, who is the enemy of Pennywise and features in King’s DARK TOWER series (And such a shame it was that the movie of said name got such lousy reviews. I’ll go see it, but I’m waiting for it to hit the discount theater.), wouldn’t be appearing in the film, but would be hinted at. This “hinting” involves Pennywise causing Bill to drop a turtle made out of Legos, which breaks apart. (See what they did, there? Nice little homage for fans of the book, without having to worry about explaining it in the narrative of the movie.) The problem–and it does seem to be a problem for some online anal-retentive types–is that the particular kind of Legos the turtle is made from weren’t around in the 80s, when the movie is set. Seriously, people? Is that all you can find to grouse about? I posted recently about how the use of VCRs in STRANGER THINGS was anachronistic, but you don’t hear me calling for a boycott of the series, now do you? S.M.H.!

In other Stephen King-related news, the house that inspired King to write PET SEMETERY is for sale. Actually, the HOUSE didn’t inspire him. He was living there at the time, and his daughter’s cat got run over. They buried the cat in a little makeshift cemetery behind the house. THAT is what inspired him. If you buy the house, I’d expect the cemetery comes with it. Does the demonic resurrected cat come with it, too?

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TheCheezman • August 15, 2017

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