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Of Rooks and Wolves

I’ve been waiting for my character, The Rook, who may have been turned into a Tulpa, to put in another appearance. Things have been quiet here lately, though, although I do think he may have followed me home. I haven’t seen anything, but there’ve been unexplained noises, and something has scared the hell out of one of the cats on a couple of occasions. It makes sense, if I did unwittingly create a Tulpa, that it, or he, would tend to gravitate towards me. I keep hoping for visual confirmation but I have unfortunately been left wanting thus far.

I’ve been reading up on Tulpas, as you might expect. They are beings created of, for lack of any better term, “thought energy,” sometimes purposefully but just as often unintentionally. (I do wonder if the Tulpa phenomenon could explain the creation of poltergeists.) Psychic Dion Fortune claimed to have created a Tulpa Werewolf. Phillip the Ghost was probably a Tulpa created in a laboratory in Canada in 1972. These last two examples do appear to be cases where the Tulpa was created on purpose, whereas with poltergeists or The Shadow—or perhaps with my “fictitious” character The Rook—it was done by accident.

TheCheezman • March 10, 2019

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