One of the Funniest Vampires You Never Recognized

robert-sean-leonard-1Look at this guy; smart-looking, –we say “looking” because he is, after all, an actor. It’s Robert Sean Leonard, all starched and clean, and cute. He’s suave, he’s charismatic, and he plays Greg House’s right hand man on House, M.D.. But did you know, he also once checked to make sure he wasn’t castrated in a dream, in a totally different cinematic role? He also did several other silly things when he played Jeremy Capello in My Best Friend is a Vampire. Yup, can you believe it?! The soft cutie from House is that dorky kid who, instead of having fantasies about the hottest chick in band practice, went for Darla, the goofy looking chick in parachute pants, a pixie haircut, and glasses that were bigger around than her boobs! His best friend was that fat annoying guy, who drove like a bat out of hell? Yeah, see, you remember now.

bestfv1bThe movie is awesome, –you can currently find it on Netflix as one of the movies you can watch streamed on the computer, –don’t go looking for a download, it’s impossible to find. We certainly don’t advocate piracy here. The movie starts out with this painfully boring guy, Jeremy Capello, who gets bitten by a hot vampire chick, who then is killed or chased off by deranged vampire hunters. Jeremy takes off, and is later contacted by some creepy old guy who tells him he’s going to become a vampire. With sunglasses, and canned pig’s blood, –ew, –Jeremy attempts to live life, which means trying to get a date with the fiendishly mediocre Darla, who is always, for some reason, in a totally bitchy mood. But pretty soon, the two lunatic vampire hunters catch up to him, planning to stake him and send his unholy teenage spirit back to Hell! I’m not going to tell you the ending, if you haven’t seen it. My Best Friend is a Vampire is a hilarious classic 80’s vampire movie, so check it out asap.

By annimi

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  4. This film is also known as ‘I was a teenage vampire’. I was having trouble getting hold of it too then I found this title was the same as the one I had been searching for and managed to buy the DVD from Ebay! It’s been a fave of mine for years now. I absolutely love the ‘gotta wear shades’ song.

  5. This is in deed a funny vampire movie. All about a teen who gets bit by vampire and can still survive in the sunlight.

  6. I think “My Best Friend Is A Vampire” was the first film to seriously imply that vampires rather than being fiendish predators are rather arguably persecuted minorities(OK SOME of them are fiendish perpetrators but most are arguably not- as we have seen with Muslims, Italo- or Sicilian Americans, and Irish people during the “Troubles”, the lawless or terroristl minority soon tars the law abiding majority with the same brush).
    A trope that has become more influential with films like “The Little Vampire”(2000) and TV series like “True Blood”! I admit that when one thinks of vampires, the idea of them as a put upon minority group does NOT immediately spring to mind, but in a polity where a black man(Barack Obama) has been twice elected to the US Presidency and where gay marriage has been legalized by the US Supreme Court, it is well to keep an open mind!

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