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Review: THE STRAIN Episode Four, Season Four

Another episode without Quinlan. Ho-hum. This one was a tad more engaging than the last Quinlan-free offering, at least. Dutch’s perils in the baby-making factory haven’t been doing much for me, honestly, but some stuff finally started happening this week. All along she’s been inside one of those concentration camps we saw last season. But…

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IT is Everywhere

As it is August now, the sweltering “Dog Days” of Summer, in which old Southern folklore alleges that all snakes go blind (which has nothing to do with this article, but I thought it was interesting and hope you will too), and the movie opens in September, at the close of the season, expect to…

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Preview for Season Four, Episode Four of THE STRAIN

Watch the video here. Yeah, it looks cool. But you’re killin’ me, FX. Seriously. You ought to be getting these links to me on MONDAY. There’s a lag time between when I submit an article and when it posts. It’s all automated, see? THE PROGRAM selects certain articles and posts them throughout a given week….

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THE STRAIN Comicon Sneak-Peeks

Man, the fine folks over at FX loaded us up this week with STRAIN-related footage, courtesy of the San Diego Comic Con. I’m just gonna sit back and let the videos speak for themselves–for the most part. This one has star Kevin Durand talking about the scene from the series that most stands out to…

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Dracula Didn’t Do It

“Woman Found Dead at Dracula’s Castle!” the headlines scream. As is frequently the case, the headlines can be misleading. This one at least put “Dracula’s Castle” in quotation marks. The castle the articles are referring to is Slain’s Castle, perched upon a cliff in Cruden Bay in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, United Kingdom. In fairness, Slain’s Castle…

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THE STRAIN Episode Recap 7-30-17

I ask ya, how badass is Quinlan? That scene where he uses the silver to cauterize his wound was EPIC! Everybody remember my awesome idea for a spinoff series, focusing solely on Quinlan? I want to amend that suggestion. Guillermo and Chuck, howzabout a “buddy” show featuring Quinlan and Fet traveling the country after the…

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I Got Interviewed!

Stacy Kingsley is a talented author in her own right, specializing in zombies. If you dig on zombies–and who doesn’t these days–check her out. And while you’re at it, check out the interview she did with me, regarding my new novel, THE CONFESSIONS OF SAINT CHRISTOPHER: WEREWOLF, which is available to purchase for chump change…

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DARK SHADOWS going for $10,000!

I should’ve taken a screencap to prove it, because the price has already dropped, but the complete collection of DARK SHADOWS on Amazon was selling yesterday for a steep $10,000. I wonder if anyone was stupid enough–er, I mean a devoted enough fan–to have paid that? I hope not. I mean, yeah, DS is worth…

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Alice Cooper Gets Paranormal

Alice Cooper has a new album out, entitled “Paranormal.” He or his marketing department likens it to a collection of episodes of THE TWILIGHT ZONE, wherein each song tells a complete story. He said he wanted to get experimental with it. He hooked up with the drummer from U2 to create an unusual hybrid sound….

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Preview: THE STRAIN Episode 3, Season 4

Consider this an addendum to my weekly quota of material for all you vampire marks out there. A preview of this coming Sunday’s episode of THE STRAIN.

We’re number one! We’re number one!

A big shout-out and a big thank you to the fine folks over at feedspot, who recently released their list of the “Top 25 Vampire Blogs and Websites for Vampire Lovers“–and ranked US at number one! Aww, thanks, guys! We’re honored. You like us! You really like us! According to feedspot, the criteria by which…

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Review: THE STRAIN Season Four, Episode Two

Because I believe in full disclosure, and because I like to think that I enjoy a certain familiarity with my regular readers, I often share personal details from my own life as a means of adding “color commentary” to my articles. For these reasons, I will admit that I only saw half this week’s episode…

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