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It’s still there. It’s still a’ mockin’ me.

Regular followers of this site may recall a post I made this time last year concerning a visit I made to the county fair and my futile attempts to procure for myself a little Dracula doll from one of the rigged carnie games. This past weekend, I went to a different county fair, one unfortunately…

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Clowns on the Brain

IT came out two weeks ago. I’ve already reviewed it. Yet it–sorry, IT–refuses to get out of the headlines. It may get pushed aside this week, with the limited release of the controversial, piss-your-pants-it’s-so-good JEEPERS CREEPERS 3. But not yet. We’ve got the news that the second installment of IT will be released to theaters…

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“Unprecedented” Vampire Murder

Iana Kasian, a 30-year-old model born in Ukraine, was murdered by her boyfriend, comic book creator and movie director Blake Leibel, in Los Angeles. There’s nothing really that unusual about the case, on the surface. Tragic, yes, but sadly commonplace. The fact is, women are murdered by their boyfriends/husbands all the time. What sets this…

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The UNDERWORLD franchise has run its course in the theater. I haven’t even seen the last two films in the series. I lost interest in it after the second one, and this despite Kate Beckinsale remaining high on my list of celebrity crushes. They then had two paths left open to them. No, three paths….

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Revisiting the “Classics”: THE ZOMBIES OF MORA TAU

You might think this 1957 black-and-white B-movie would be a better fit for our sister site,, but I’ve chosen to discuss it here for one primary reason: While THE ZOMBIES OF MORA TAU isn’t a great movie, or even a good one, or even a good BAD one (All it really has going for…

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I like to think I had a little something to do with this project meeting its goal. I mean, I did have a little to do with it, in that I made a small donation. But I also like to think that by spreading the word about it here and on our sister site,…

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Revisiting the Classics: REBECCA

Have you heard about this one? I’m betting lots of you have. It’s the only Alfred Hitchcock film to ever win an Oscar for Best Picture. Some of you may even have seen it, and of that “some” there might be a few who are saying to themselves right now, “But that doesn’t have a…

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Those protesting the film, the result of which was its being released to theaters for one night only, sure didn’t do anything to diminish the enthusiasm for the movie that I witnessed tonight. The theater was packed, and the audience loved it. They applauded at the end. There was cheering and laughter (yes, the film…

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As I type these words, it is the day before the opening of JEEPERS CREEPERS 3, for one day only, in theaters. I have mixed emotions. First I must admit to myself that the controversy over the film has fueled its mystique for me. If it were opening in wide release just like any other…

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Revisiting the Classics: THE THING (FROM ANOTHER WORLD)

The remake by John Carpenter, 1981’s THE THING, was so good that it tends to steal the spotlight, to get all the attention. That’s a shame, because the original, released in 1951 by RKO Pictures and directed by Christian Nyby (known primarily for television programs like GUNSMOKE and WAGON TRAIN) with Howard Hawks (who usually…

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How to review this one and not give too much away, yet still whet your appetites to see it? I could just mention the rave reviews it got on the indy circuit. I personally have been eagerly waiting for months for it to become available on video. I’m pleased to announce that it lived up…

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Dodge Some Knives and Throw Some Bullets!

It’s cool when I get to help a creator out by introducing his or her work to you all. It helps the creator, and it helps you, the readers, to possibly discover something you wouldn’t otherwise have known about but would potentially like. When that something also happens to be a thing I myself am…

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