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What Vampire Would You Want to Spend Forever With?

We have all dreamed of it before, right? Fantasized about that one vampire that we want to spend forever with, that breathtaking being from our favorite book or film. Which vampire is it that you dream of? If you could spend eternity with one creature of the night, which would it be? And let’s say…

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Vampires Should Be Evil

I encountered the Vampire tale first through the movies, staying up late Friday and Saturday nights watching Bela Lugosi, John Carradine and then Christopher Lee portray Dracula. The Count was the epitome of evil, his whole existence on this Earth one purpose, to feed and create more of his kind. Vampirism was like a plague,…

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Maxim’s Girls With Bite

I really love Maxim right now! Here’s why – they came up with “Girls With Bite,” a list of the sexiest women in the vampire world. Thank you Maxim! Check out their list of the thirteen sexiest Girls With Bite: (Click on the photos to see full size) 1. Sarah Michelle Gellar Sarah Michelle Gellar…

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Dracula Throws a Mean Christmas Party!

“Have you ever thought to yourself, “You know what? This [year]… I’m going to spend Christmas with Dracula, I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?” This party is going to suck! Okay, enough of my viciously cheesy puns, on with the show. So, okay, the movie is obviously B-grade, cheaply filmed, cheaply set, and…

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Vampire Music Videos!

The whole idea of a musical based on Dracula or Interview With the Vampire or something like it feels “off” somehow. Probably because when we think of musicals the titles that come to mind include Oklahoma! or Guys and Dolls or some such lite fare. Images of Maria coming to Baron Von Trapp’s home to…

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New DRACULA via Kickstarter!

The age of crowd-funding has arrived and with it lots more independent films!  Yours truly even used the process to fund a stage production of LeFanu’s classic Carmilla, while the producers of The Curse of Styria used one to finish post-production on their independent film.  Among them, a new kickstarter project looking to make a…

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