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Vampires & More in Anime DVD Releases This June

“…Discotek Media is re-releasing Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust on DVD and Bluray.”   Of course, I chose this release as the first to unveil because I couldn’t help but tell you about it! Vampire Hunter D on Bluray, –so excited, –I am definitely getting this when it comes out this June; the HD version is going to be absolutely… Continue reading Vampires & More in Anime DVD Releases This June

Good Guys Wear Fangs

Good Guys Wear Fangs Short Story Antecedents of Angel and Company A few years ago, while watching a trailer for the then-upcoming CBS vampire series Moonlight, I began to ponder the literary roots of the heroic vampire motif. Sure, your average sci-fi fan knows about Angel and Spike, maybe has a little recall of Detective… Continue reading Good Guys Wear Fangs

Top 10 Mistakes in Twilight

As we prepare for the (presumably) next-to-last movie opening in the “Twilight” franchise, the Twihards and the haters of same raise their banners high, preparing to do verbal war across cyberspace. Despite my own deep interest in all things undead, I am that relatively rare exception–one who neither loves nor loathes the series. From a… Continue reading Top 10 Mistakes in Twilight

Are These the Top 5 Vampire Anime Movies?

There are countless vampire movies out there, movies that come in every shape, form and gore-level – you’ve got romantic vampire films, horror movies, cartoons, comedies, thrillers, porn – yeah, you get the point, there are a whole lot of vampire movies. But one genre that doesn’t get nearly enough love is anime, which is… Continue reading Are These the Top 5 Vampire Anime Movies?

Moonlight’s Favorite Vampire Myths

Every time I am interviewed by someone they ask, “What do you love most about vampires?” and my instant answer is always “the history.” I absolutely adore vampire history and folklore! I have spent years researching every word I can find on old vampire myths from around the world – it’s one of my many… Continue reading Moonlight’s Favorite Vampire Myths

Laughing at Twilight!

Believe it or not folks, but not everyone loves Twilight. GASP! Oh noes! It’s true – in fact, some people even consider it a giant joke. So much so that quite a few authors and wannabe-authors have written Twilight parodies mocking the Stephenie Meyer series. I was browsing the book section at the store today… Continue reading Laughing at Twilight!

Christmas With Blade

Today is Christmas (duh) and while most people out there are curling up on their couch, sipping on eggnog and watching holiday movies I have decided that I will have no part in all of that. There will be no ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ or ‘A Christmas Story’ for me, nope, I’ll be laying in… Continue reading Christmas With Blade

The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 1

Right away with the Vampire Diaries, you can see that this vampire show won’t be a PG-13 knock-off of True Blood; there’s a different atmosphere. The adjective “Twilight-esque” doesn’t apply. The background is dark and foreboding from the get-go, the vampire introduces himself, and we know already that vampires are not a culturally acceptable, if… Continue reading The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 1

True Blood, Season 2, Episode 4

Here we are, the middle of the night, in gloomy surroundings, waiting for crazed cult members to pop out with axes! No, this isn’t Scientology Camp, it’s the Fellowship of the Sun headquarters, and Jason Stackhouse is creeping from the Newlin home back to his bunk. Inside his dorm, he sees his bunkmates sprawled all… Continue reading True Blood, Season 2, Episode 4