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Were the writers of DARK SHADOWS influenced by the Zodiac murders?

Thinking out loud, here, but I was watching one of the later episodes of DARK SHADOWS, wherein Quentin Collins, played by the excellent David Selby, was falsely accused of practicing witchcraft. The REAL warlock at the time was framing him, seeking revenge on Quentin because one of Quentin’s ancestors had sentenced the warlock to death…

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A Voyage to Draculaland

The Haunted Halloween Horror Vampire Vacation for travelers of all ages. This brings to mind that Matchbox 20 song, wherein the lead singer complains about the “real world” being such a hassle. I feel that way every day, and usually in regards to money. Right now, I’m lamenting my lack of sufficient funds to take…

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Membership Has Its Privileges

Exclusive call with Ephraim Goodweather Because I’m “in the know,” y’know, and can get “the hook up,” that means that you, too, my loyal followers, can benefit from the same. In this case, while the rest of the world at large has to wait until Sunday night’s broadcast to see what Dr. Ephraim Goodweather (played…

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Kain Will Never Die. Neither Should His Legacy.

Starting with Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain in 1996, there have been five games charting the vampire Kain’s rise to power within the land of Nosgoth, and his attempts to reclaim his true destiny. You may think this is an outdated post. Here I am, writing about a game series for the original Playstation and…

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The Passing of a Trailblazer

Lela Swift, a pioneering female director who started in television’s live era and spent three decades helming the cult soap opera classic Dark Shadows, has died. She was 96. Lela Swift passed away this week, at the ripe old age of 96. I’ll be honest; I actually thought, or perhaps assumed is the better word,…

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Scar(r)ed for life by SALEM’S LOT

After reading Salem’s Lot I was anxious to watch the mini-series.  My expectations were pretty low.  However, I was pleasantly surprised that the mini-series is very faithful  to the King novel. Boy, did my parents end up regretting it, letting me stay up to watch SALEM’S LOT on TV. I was 6 at the time….

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Mad Max: The Blood Is The LIfe

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD may have raised the bar where the Sci-Fi/Action genre is concerned. Coming thirty years after the last installment in the series, BEYOND THUNDERDOME, it was worth the wait. Almost universally praised (except by anti-femi-Nazis who believe the film is trying to brainwash the public with a pro-feminist viewpoint they and their…

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Forget the MIBs – Beware the BSWs!

In the 1980s and 1990s, families in the UK – and to a lesser extent the US – faced an unusual threat: the Bogus Social Worker (BSW). They’re baaaaa-ack! The Bogus Social Workers, that is. If they ever went away in the first place. That would depend on what they are. If they are just…

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Tutankhamen’s Magical Meteorite Medallion

Geologists have determined the scarab on King Tut’s brooch was made from meteor glass formed 28 million years ago in the Saharan Desert. My fascination with ancient Egypt goes back as far as my love of the Undead—which is to say it’s lifelong. I must have seen some documentary special on Egypt before I was…

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Dracula’s OTHER Hometown

Bram Stoker found inspiration for his famous Gothic villain in an unlikely place — a sunny seaside Yorkshire village. I just finished covering the upcoming Dracula tour happening in Romania this October ( and lamenting that I won’t be able to tag along. Might as well do a write-up of that OTHER tourist hotspot for…

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Bring on the Brides!

Everything about this show sound very un-horrific, but I thought we’d mention it here in case there are any of you out there that love the Brides… I despise network television. It is largely a lobotomized wasteland, where nothing succeeds except for lame, scripted “reality” shows, hospital dramas, and knock-offs of “American Idol.” (Aren’t there…

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‘Velcome to the Hotel Transylvania!

Drac’s pack is back for a brand new adventure! See #HotelTransylvania2 in theaters September 25, 2015 HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA was not a great movie. And not just by animated movie standards. Gone are the days when we can judge them separately. Used to be, an animated flick, a cartoon, to use the common term, was designated…

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