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It can now be stated conclusively. Jonathan Breck, who portrays the Creeper in the JEEPERS CREEPERS films, is a vampire. Not saying he PLAYS a vampire. He IS a vampire. How else can it be explained that he hasn’t aged a single day since the original JEEPERS CREEPERS movie in 2001 and today? I saw…

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Dracula’s Tux

The phraseology of this article leaves a bit to be desired in terms of professionalism–not that I don’t sometimes leave a tad to be desired myself with my writing, as I do, in first person here and on our sister sites (,,, and–and tries just a teensy bit too hard to sound…

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IT House Moved to the Universal Lot

No, it isn’t the REAL house. I don’t know if there WAS a real house. I kinda suspect it was constructed for the recently-released and still performing well adaptation of IT. But *A* house has been built on the Universal Studios lot in Burbank, California. This house is not to be confused with the one…

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The Vampire Frappuccino

I don’t even like coffee. Were it not for my having been in the company of others who enjoy the nasty stuff, I would have to this day never set foot in a Starbucks, or been through a Starbucks drive-through. (Y’know, you go into a Starbucks and order a cola, they look at you like…

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Did Bela Lugosi Inspire FANTASIA’s Chernabog?

This question is like asking whether or not Vlad “Tepes” Dracula inspired Bram Stoker to create his vampiric Count Dracula. Yes, he did. The real question, or questions, plural, applying to both of the previous ones, should be, to what EXTENT he inspired it? One only has to watch Chernabog’s movements to see Lugosi’s Dracula….

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Book Review: DAWN IN DAMNATION by Clark Casey

Lemme give you the premise first: Damnation is a town where dead cowboys go, and other people, too, folks who weren’t good enough in life to earn a pass into Heaven but weren’t so lousy that they go straight to Hell, either. It’s a sort of purgatory, where the streets are always dusty, it is…

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The Tomb of Santa Claus

Small children, stop reading here. Actually, why are you on this site in the first place? Bad kid! Get outta here now! Come back when you’re older–or at least don’t tell your parents if something you read here gives you nightmares. I’ll take a click where I can get it. Santa Claus is an amalgamation…

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I expect you’ve all experienced it to some extent. There’s a derision that non-Horror people have for the Horror fanatics of the world; derision, if not outright hostility–or fear. Anyone who has read any of my fiction can attest to the fact that I don’t eschew violence, bloodshed, or gore if they’re called for. I’ve…

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Buying Dirt From Transylvania

There’s an ad I saw online where you can purchase one square foot of dirt from Transylvania for fifty bucks. Commentators were sagely pointing out that it could be a scam. A person could go dig up a square foot of dirt from his own backyard and then claim that it was from Transylvania. Granted…

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Taylor Swift Is SO Much Hotter Dead

This post, here, is a rarity, friends. This is, in all likelihood, the only time you will ever hear me mention Taylor Swift, or any mainstream celebrity, on this site. I don’t do celebrity gossip. It is not conceivably possible that I could care less. I’m well informed on my geek culture, but mainstream pop…

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Can’t Keep a Good Monster Down

Seems like I just saw JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 in the theater. Oh, wait; I DID. Check out my review here. This past week brought news that there would be more Creeper coming our way, and much sooner than expected. JEEPERS CREEPERS 3 will air on Syfy on Saturday October 28th. Huzzah! I’m already setting my…

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A Visit to the HOUSE OF DOLLS

In rural northern Alabama, in October, the weather is still warm if not downright hot, but the leaves are starting to change. The sunlight comes in at a slight slant. The cornfields are full, the stalks high. Pumpkins are for sale in the local supermarkets. And for every lover of things dark and horrific–and at…

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