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DEATH NOTE Almost Died an Early Death

Warner Brothers ain’t always so “on the ball,” as they say. It landed a solid with WONDER WOMAN, but it was a hard climb for the studio to get there. Their KING ARTHUR, though, was a monstrous flop. They have thus far failed to greenlight a sequel to THE LEGEND OF TARZAN, which they predicted…

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A Continuation of DARK SHADOWS

My dream, one of them, is to see a continuation of DARK SHADOWS. Not a reboot, like we saw in the 90s, and not a movie, like that godawful Tim Burton and Johnny Depp fiasco from a few years back. What I want is to see a continuation of the original, classic series that ended…

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When I chance upon a new business venture, or a venture of any sort, that so sufficiently increases my enjoyment of existence, and promises to likewise serve others of a like mind and spirit, I feel a moral incumbency to do my part to help that venture to succeed. A few days ago, I encountered…

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THE STRAIN preview: Ouroboros + The Truck Fight

First, here’s a sneak peek trailer for this coming Sunday’s episode, “Ouroboros.” An Ouroborus is that symbol of a snake eating its own tail. You’ve seen it. It’s supposed to represent eternity or something. Google it. Anyway, the preview looks dope as all get out. “We’re here,” Quinlan says. “And now we’re coming for you.”…

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IT Masks and a New TV Spot

I know I’m pimpin’ the hell out of the forthcoming IT remake. No, I’m not on the payroll. I tend to do that with properties I’m excited about, is all. If it turns out that the movie blows and all my hard work was for nothing, my vengeance will be terrible to behold. I will…

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Bath Bombs and Bones

Whenever my lovely better half or one of my friends is surfing the web and comes across something odd, paranormal-themed, Horror, vampire, werewolf, or zombie-related, etc., she or he or they will send me the links, in order that I can, if I so choose, make use of the material for fodder here on this…

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THE STRAIN Episode Recap 8-20-17

Yeah, I’m a day late, I know. I DVR’d the show yesterday but only got to watch it tonight. I’m doin’ the best I can, here! At least I got to see the show. I had to get my satellite dish taken down over the weekend and reassembled in a more advantageous spot to get…

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MUNSTERS, go home!

You can’t keep a bad idea down, it seems. Remember a few years ago when there was talk of reviving THE MUNSTERS as a television series. They were going to call it something-MOCKINGBIRD LANE. I recall that Jerry O’Connell and Rebecca Romijn were supposed to star in it. Or maybe just O’Connell. I forget. Seems…

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Sir No-Face a No-Show?

Over at our sister site,, I was grousing this week about the way certain sites will report on unfounded rumors as if they were facts. Bearing that in mind, I need to preface this with a disclaimer. I am not a journalist. I don’t want to be a journalist. Had I wanted to be…

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Preview: THE STRAIN Episode 6, Season 4 – “Tainted Love”

Here’s a teaser for next Sunday’s episode. Eichorst seems to have recovered nicely from being immolated by Dutch. Looks like we’ll be getting more of Quinlan, too, so I’m a happy camper. Those yokels Eichorst was taking out, those were the same guys who bailed on Fet and Quinlan, right? Can’t feel too sorry for…

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Quinlan Meets Jack?

Now we know why Quinlan has been making eyes at Fet’s newest girlfriend: she reminds him of a chick he knew in 1888 London. When we see the year “1888”, all educated geeks (educated, that is, in geeky matters) automatically think of Jack the Ripper, as that was the year of the murderer’s official rampage….

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Introducing THE ROOK

Ladies and gentlemen, please permit me to introduce to you my creation, my character, The Rook. I’ve gotten to know him well over the past three years. I’d like for the world at large to get to know him, too. I had just finished watching the Roland West silent film masterpiece THE BAT (which, by…

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