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How Did Dracula Become a Vampire?

To answer this question with accuracy, we first have to specify which particular version of the Dracula character, from which particular version of the story, we are talking about? We’ll begin, as we should, with the historical Dracula, Vlad III Dracula, nicknamed “The Impaler.” In life, he wasn’t considered to be a vampire; he was…

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Irving Noel Thornley Stoker Archives • Vampires

Bram Stoker. Bram Stoker, the father of modern vampires, forever changed the
world when he penned Dracula. This legendary author created a masterpiece, …

Did Stoker Suck?

Nobody get pissed. I’m as big a Stoker mark as the next guy. Bigger than most. But even as a hardcore fan, I have to admit that Bram Stoker’s work is of varying quality. At the top of the heap sits DRACULA, a true classic in every sense of the word. But what about Stoker’s…

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My Director’s Swag: The Bram Stoker Model Kit and a neato NOSFERATU Print

The production just wrapped on my original play, DRACULA: LORD OF THE VAMPIRES, and I can safely declare it a success. Good audience turnout, and the response was overwhelmingly positive. My krewe worked hard, put in the time and the labor, and delivered a worthy effort that made little old me look good. I wrote,…

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Bram Stoker’s Death Ship

A long while back I wrote about The Last Voyage of the Demeter, an upcoming film which tells the dark and bloodied tale of the dreaded ship in Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Since I haven’t heard anything on the project I thought I’d look into it and see if there’s anything new to report, but unfortunately…

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YES, Bram Stoker DID model Dracula on Vlad the Impaler, Part Two

When Bram Stoker’s personal notes on the writing of DRACULA came to light, Vlad III’s name was conspicuously absent. His FIRST name, that is. Probably that’s why he is never referred to as “Vlad” in the novel. Stoker simply didn’t know that name at the time of the writing. The only book that can be…

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Vampires vs. Mirrors

Heya readers, today’s post is about those smooth shiny things known as… mirrors. Woo! Vampires and mirrors, every one of us knows that the classic stereotypical vampires absolutely can’t stand mirrors because, you know, the whole no reflection thing they have going. But why do they hate mirrors so much? Where did this whole idea…

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Did Jack the Ripper influence Bram Stoker to make some serious edits to DRACULA? Seriously?

DRACULA HAD to be rewritten after the police fiasco over the Jack the Ripper murders showed Scotland Yard was no place for heroes, one of Bram Stoker’s descendants revealed. Sorry, folks, but this one is pure bupkis. Dacre Stoker, the great-grandnephew of Bram Stoker, author of DRACULA (as if you didn’t already know that) has…

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YES, Bram Stoker DID model Dracula on Vlad the Impaler, Part Three

In 1890, Bram Stoker and actor Henry Irving had dinner with Professor Arminius Vambery of Hungary. The man made enough of an impression on the author that he references the Professor in his novel. (Van Helsing relates how he has written to his friend, Professor Arminius of Budapest, for information on Count Dracula. Arminius informs…

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Why Do Vampires Hate Garlic?

We have all heard the myth before, that vampire can’t stand garlic whatsoever. To use garlic on a vampire would make them run away in disgust. It’s a classic method of protection and an item that any sane vampire hunter has on them. But where in the world did that legend come from? Out of…

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