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I Don’t Fucking Sparkle: Interview with Scott Snyder

Scott Snyder switches the modern vampire mythos up in his new comic, American Vampire. Created by him and co-written with the horror master, Stephen King. Kickass! In a recent interview with The Faster Times Snyder explained that the comic, set in various time periods in America, follows the epic evolution of vampires and reveals that…

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The Vampire Tarot of the Eternal Night

Back when I was a kid I was absolutely entranced and in love with tarot cards, they were wondrous, magical and each card featured amazing artwork – so began my tarot card collection. As I am sure you can guess I also adore vampires, so when I found out that there were vampire tarot cards…

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Are Vampires Really Evil?

One of the most well-known things about vampires is the belief that they are evil creatures. Well, they appear evil enough, don’t they? With those menacing fangs that you know are just longing to suck on your neck, and the fact that they can totally outrun you and beat you at any game that requires…

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An Interview with Author Denise Verrico

Author Denise Verrico was gracious enough to take the time out of her busy schedule to discuss all things vampires. More so, she spilled a bit about her book The Immortyl Revolution, and where she sees herself in 5 years! What are your career plans for the next 5 years? I want to keep improving…

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Top 10 Ugliest Vampires

Vampires nowadays are known for their incredible beauty – You’ve got the cuties in Twilight, the damn sexy men in True Blood and even an entire gorgeous cast in Vampire Diaries. But, any real horror fan will tell you that vampires aren’t supposed to be sexy, they’re supposed to be horrifying and repulsive. So here’s…

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Review of The Master of Rampling Gate: A Vook by Anne Rice

Every so often something comes along that provides some new and innovative way to enhance the art of storytelling. The latest in storytelling innovation comes from the trailblazers at Vook.  A Vook is the blending of both video and text (video+book=Vook) to create an experience unlike any other. Vooks combine entertaining stories with videos that…

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True Blood Sunday Presents: True Blood Crashes Twilight’s Vampire Baseball Game!

A few months ago we filled you Twilight fans in on the big charity baseball game featuring your favorite Hollywood vamps, but it looks like there has been a big change in the lineup. Recent reports say that Twilight’s Peter Facinelli, who plays the sexy vampire father figure in the series, will no longer be…

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Five of My Favorite Movie Vampiresses

Vampiresses are just awesome, and we just don’t see enough of them in my opinion. From the classic high-collared vampiresses, to the modern-day ones, here are my five favorite vampiresses, in order. #5.) Angela Bassett in Vampires in Brooklyn. Sure, she isn’t a vampire for most of the movie, but she’s still hilarious even when…

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5 Celebrities that Should be Vampires

The creature of the night hunts for his or her next unsuspecting victim, feeds on the helpless, and glows with super-human beauty. Don’t you ever wish that at least one of your favorite celebrities was a vampire and could live forever? Look no further; I’m going to offer a list of 5 beautiful people that…

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A Bloodthirsty… Doll?

We’ve come across a lot of totally crazy and ridiculous vampire myths and stories on this site, but this has to be one of the weirdest, or at least creepiest. I bring you the jenglot, a tiny living doll in Indonesian and Malaysian folklore. A jenglot is described as a living mummy or doll that’s…

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Robin Hood and Vampires in Sherwood Horror

The tale of Robin Hood gets a whole new vampire-filled twist in the upcoming movie Sherwood Horror. After winning the Grand Prize Winner of the Creative Screenwriting Magazine’s AAA Contest and directed the award winning 2001 short film The Flock, writer and director John Regan is getting ready for his first ever feature film, Sherwood…

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Eclipse Trailer Has Finally Been Released!

Yay!!! In anticipation for its June 30th release, the trailer for Eclipse has finally been released! Come on, we’ve all been waiting for this ever since we saw New Moon in November, haven’t we? The trailer looks very, very good and looks like the director and producers are going to include the main elements of…

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