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Brutal Murders Associated with Vampire Freaks

Maybe you’ve heard of the website Vampire Freaks. Maybe you’re even a member. But this online community has something that no other vampire websites are known for – murder. Last week, the body of a girl by the name of Kimberly Proctor was found in Colwood, British Columbia. Kimberly’s death was a horrible one. Not…

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Vampireology Review and CONTEST!

Yes, you read that title correctly. There’s a new addition to the famous Ology series – Vampireology! And I have a box full of them to give away (see bottom for details)! The Ologies are a series of beautifully illustrated fantasy books presented in a fictional encyclopedic manner. They are meant to look like a…

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True Blood Sunday Presents: Bisexual Paquin

Anna Paquin, who plays our beloved Sookie Stackhouse in True Blood, may be a hot little sex kitten in the show, but apparently she’s just as steamy in real life. In a public service announcement for the True Colors Fund, an organization that supports equal rights for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community, the…

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Superman and Batman Vs. Vampires and Werewolves

Gotham city is a dangerous place, what with the likes of Two-Face and the Joker causing chaos wherever they go but it doesn’t get more dangerous than when it’s being invaded by Vampires and Werewolves. After spending the night tracking what appears to be a werewolf, Batman comes across a man claiming to be a…

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True Blood Anthology cover chosen

For those of you who love everything, and anything to do with True Blood, –like the rest of us, –then you’ll practically pee with excitement when you hear about the awesome new anthology coming out! Just a few of the topics and articles the book is going to cover, for example, are Bill’s gradual loss…

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Are Angels the New Vampires? Plus! Book Review and Giveaway!

Angels have always been closely linked with vampires; after Christianity’s hostile takeover of most of the world, other beliefs and mythologies became a solid amalgamation, creating the complex theology surround Catholicism and Judaism. Gods, goddesses, monsters, and creatures, became angels, saints, and demons, –even vampires can be easily incorporated into the theology of angels, as…

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Top Twilight Websites

I’m a huge, huge Twilight fan and as such, I am continuously on the hunt for great Twihard sites. There are so many sites that are dedicated to the fans of the series that sometimes it’s hard to sort through the good from the bad. And so, I’ve created a list of my favorite Twilight…

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Dr. David Dolphin’s Vampire Theory

Ever wonder how vampire legends were born, or why vampire hysteria in the Middle Ages reached the level it did? Well you aren’t alone; those questions also crossed the mind of Dr. David Dolphin, who was a chemistry professor at the University of British Columbia. In 1985 Dr. Dolphin presented a theory that the victims…

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Gello: Child Eating Demoness

Gello exists in several cultures, under several names, such as Gyllou, Gylou, Gillo; many folklore experts and historians believe the Gello is the source of many vampire beliefs. Gello is a female demon that causes infertility, spontaneous miscarriage, and an eater of children. Walter Burkert, an expert on ancient mythology, established a link between the…

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Best Gothic Songs

There is so much music out there that can fit into the Gothic genre; you have the obvious choices such as Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, and the not so obvious choices like the HorrorPops. I have compiled a list that includes some oldies but goodies as well as some surprises. Rock is Dead –…

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The Vampire Diaries, Season 1, Episode 16

Detecting the main thread of the story in this episode is a little difficult; the episode throws three subplots at you at once, and you have to kind of wait to see where it’s going, unlike the last episode, which was slightly more straight forward. Pearl, Anna’s mother, is being a total bitch; the rest…

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Vampires and Tattoos!

Hey there beloved readers! Yesterday I mixed my love for ink with my love for vampires and got myself another tattoo. I went small and got a “vampire ankh,” which is simply an Egyptian ankh with fangs. Hell yea! While I was sitting in the tattoo chair, staring at the needle and trying really hard…

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