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The Aswang

The Aswang are another one of those vampire species that are way different than your traditional opera cape kind. This particular vampire is from the Philippines and is believed to be a sexy normal woman by day and an evil flying monster of terror at night. During the day the Aswang appears to be a…

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The Strain: Book One of The Strain Trilogy

Written by the genius writer of the Academy Award winning Pan’s Labyrinth and fan loved Hellboy films, Guillermo Del Toro and award winning thriller writer Chuck Hogan The Strain is everything one could want in a horror vampire novel. Gory, dark and full of evil and chaos. According to the book’s tag line… The Strain…

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Vampire Vacations

How do dark alleyways, historical buildings, theatrics, moonlit walks and haunting stories sound? Fun, right? If you think so then a vampire themed vacation is just what you need. Believe it or not there are a few destinations in the states that can quench some of those vampire thirsts of yours… New Orleans, Louisiana: Thanks…

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Daybreakers: Putting the Scary Back Into Vampires

Lets face it, with all the whiny, kissy face vampire movies currently out there we are in serious need of a badass vampire flick. Horror, action, a thought provoking plot… actors that can actually act all sound good right about now. From the looks of the trailer of the new vampire film Daybreakers written and…

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The Dreaded Langsuir

Every culture, every part of the world has its own set of vampire myths and the Malaysian Langsuir is one of many of those myths. Now the Langsuir isn’t your average kinda vamp, there’s no capes or a holy water phobia with them. No tragic star-crossed love story or quest for redemption, not even close….

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The Vampire’s Assistant

At long last the trailer for the movie adaptation of the popular book series Cirque Du Freak is out. The 12 book series by Irish author Darren Shan is about a boy who is also named Darren Shan (since the series is set in “true story” mode) and his adventures with a wild circus full…

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TrueBlood, Season 1, Episode 10

Sam wakes up to a screaming Sookie, and the sexy naked bar owner flops around for a moment before Sookie settles far away, and tells him to leave; very loudly. While Sam tries to explain, Sookie misunderstands, and thinks Sam is the murderer, before she clocks him one, and takes off to hide in the…

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True Blood Season 1, Episode 9

We open up where we left off in episode 8, –with a very pissed off Longshadow ready to choke the life out of Sookie; Bill’s fangs extend, while Eric watches solemnly, and Pam rolls her eyes at his side, at Ginger’s high pitched, continuous shrieking. Pam tells her “enough!” and Eric politely says ‘Thank you”,…

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True Blood, Season 1, Episode 8

We open where we left off in episode 7, with Sookie staring shocked at the four coffins, blackened by the flames that the surrounding firemen have just quelled. Sheriff Bud Dearborn asks Sookie if she’s okay, and if she wants water; she asks if they’re sure, did they find four bodies? Detective Andy Bellefleur says…

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True Blood Season 1, Episode 7

We open where we left off; a very, very close up shot of Bill slurping and sucking on Sookie’s neck. We’re still being shown Sookie and Bill’s mid-coital mambo, which means more boobs, and a good shot of Bill’s rather feminine butt. Apparently, this is the exact moment of penetration; I suppose to any virgin,…

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True Blood Season 1, Episode 6

We return to the scene of poor sweet Gran, lying dead in a sticky pool of blood on her kitchen floor. Sookie, completely shocked is grabbed by Bill, and turned from the scene. Sam enters and Bill is immediately defensive, due to the bloody scene in front of him; thinking that Sam might be the…

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True Blood, Season 1, Episode 5

We’re back, finally, after a week of waiting, to Sookie and Bill’s magical car ride home. As you’ll recall, Bill and Sookie met a policeman on the road, whom Bill scared bad enough, to make him pee his pants. Poor feller. Bill and Sookie sit in the car and Sookie berates him for his treatment…

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