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An Interview with DRACULA: LORD OF THE DAMNED Director Theodore Trout, Regarding His Recent Visit to Transylvania

CHEEZMAN: First off, tell us about the reason that inspired your visit. TROUT: My stupid homemade Dracula movie [Which is pretty freakin’ fantastic!–Cheezman] actually got accepted into The International Vampire Film and Art Festival in Sighisoara, Romania. It’s getting a bit long in the tooth to qualify for festivals, but has only been out on…

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Down Amongst The Dead

What a story these kids will have to tell! Two teenagers got themselves lost for three days down in the infamous Catacombs underneath Paris. (Wait. They came out of the vast underground tomb after THREE DAYS? Did somebody plan it that way?) It probably wasn’t any fun for them, though. Imagine it, lost down there,…

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B’ars at Dracula’s Castle

For once, an article written about “Dracula’s Castle” actually refers to his REAL castle, the ruined fortress at Poenari, and not the commercially-exploited Castle Bran which has only a tangential connection to either the historic Dracula or Bram Stoker’s fictionalized vampire Count. It does, however, perhaps illustrate why Bran is pushed by the tourism industry…

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Book Review: BLOODSTAINS by Jeff Mudgett

Does the name “Mudgett” sound familiar to you? It might, if you are a True Crime aficionado. Herman Mudgett was the real name of the notorious Victorian era serial killer, H.H. Holmes. Holmes operated a “murder castle” in Chicago, which he had constructed just in time to capitalize on the influx of people for the…

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Sorting Out The Nellies

I spent a little time this past week ‘net-surfing, educating myself on some matters of great importance. For example, I remembered that a figure called “Nelly Bly” featured in two different songs, and I wanted to know which one came first, which influenced the other, and what was the exact nature of the relationship. “Nelly…

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Revisiting the (Recent) Classics: GODS AND MONSTERS

This isn’t normally the kind of movie I’d seek out. This says nothing about the quality of the work, only that, in a world where time is limited and there are more movies I want to see than I’ll probably live to see, this type isn’t my teacup, as one of the characters in the…

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Bitin’ Brazilian Vampire Bats!

From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: Sensationalism (noun): 1. empiricism that limits experience as a source of knowledge to sensation or sense perceptions 2. the use or effect of sensational subject matter or treatment Adjectives: sensationalist, sensationalistic Friends, this article here is pure sensationalism. I’m only citing it to refute it. Vampire bats don’t pose any greater…

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Vampire “Educational Tools”

Although I will keep it PG-13, this particular post is for the grown-ups. You kiddies scroll on past now, okay? Good. Just us adults left? Splendid. Proceed. As a (I hope) curious aside, in my home state of Alabama it is illegal to buy, sell, or own a sex toy. Truth. And let me tell…

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15 Days of Night

For all the ways that the Internet has been a blessing–hey, I have my job because of it, so I’m not gonna go disparaging it–there are some negatives, too. It has proven to be fertile ground for the lowest among us, for one thing, a breeding ground for sociopathic bullies (i.e. “trolls”). And it made…

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Should Dracula Have Led?

THE MUMMY didn’t do too well at the American box office, although a strong overseas performance should compensate for that, thankfully. We want more DARK UNIVERSE movies, after all, don’t we? If anything, maybe the soft opening for the debut film in that “shared universe” will cause the powers-that-be in their cushy offices on the…

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Saint Christopher is a-comin’!

Last week I posted on our sister site,, an announcement regarding my soon-to-be-released first novel, THE CONFESSIONS OF SAINT CHRISTOPHER: WEREWOLF. I chose that site and not this one because, as the title implies, my central character is a werewolf. I COULD have chosen this one, too, though, just like I am now, because…

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Out and Proud in Horror

Here, a gay Horror fan laments the lack of openly gay characters in major Horror films. Thinking about it, he has a point. I don’t recall too many such characters in any fright flicks I’ve seen recently. And when you do have a gay character show up, they’re usually relegated to a supporting role, if…

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