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Phil in Bloom

By the time you all read these words, the infamous Corpse Flower named Phil may have bloomed. The smelly plant, named Phil, after former professor of botany Phil Baker, lives at the Department of Biological Sciences at California State University, Long Beach, aka Long Beach State, aka Cal State Long Beach. Phil only blooms once…

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“What are you?!” “I’m Camazotz.”

First off, that picture. I have my doubts as to its authenticity. The Mesoamerican bat-headed god Camazotz is real, though. That is to say, he is a real figure in Mayan mythology. The ancient Mayans believed he was real. As to whether or not he was literally, physically real, the same rule applies to him…

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More On That Book Proving Bram Stoker Knew About The Historical Dracula

Revealed by author Dacre Stoker, great-grand-nephew of Bram Stoker and a gifted storyteller in his own right, Bram Stoker consulted a book entitled ROUMANIA PAST AND PRESENT at the London Library when he was writing his novel DRACULA. This former book makes detailed mention of the historical Dracula, thus proving that Bram *did* know about…

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Bram DID Know Vlad!!!

This changes everything. Let me explain to those who might not understand the implications why this is such a big deal. Those of us who love the connection between the fictional Count Dracula and the historical Vlad Dracula have had to concede, ever since the discovery of Bram Stoker’s notes for DRACULA the novel, that…

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Padding out Pattinson

As we all wait impatiently for official confirmation or denial that Robert Pattinson is going to be our new Batman, there are signs of hope that, even if this turns out to be the case—despite what every freakin’ news outlet in the world has reported, it is NOT yet a done deal—things might turn out…

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Walkers and Wights

Everybody is talking about GAME OF THRONES right at the moment. Admittedly they are bitching, but that still counts as talking. (Man, you GAME OF THRONES fans *really* hated that series finale, didn’t you?) As this is likely the last opportunity I will have to talk about the subject and still be timely, I will…

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What Could Go Wrong?

First of all, this is happening on a place called the Isle of Wight. Hel-LO! That alone should be a tip-off! A “wight” is a zombie, a revenant. Everybody knows that. Why then would you knowingly build a house on top of a grave on a place named for zombies? (I don’t know if the…

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Photosensitive Posters

Brilliant idea. But is it like that old Daffy Duck cartoon, where Daffy drinks nitroglycerin and tons of other explosives and then swallows a match? He and Bugs were competing for the attentions of an audience, as I recall, with Bugs getting a far bigger pop. Daffy explodes, literally, and the audience goes wild. Bugs…

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Unholy Vamps

Here’s a Christian website talking about vampires. They lost me with the first two sentences, though. “As a culture we are obsessed with destructive monsters. I mean, how many vampire movies and TV shows do we really need?” This makes me want to respond in a not-so-Christian manner, but I try to avoid using the…

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This is the first episode of the series I cannot rave about. It had some funny moments, some really funny moments, but overall it just wasn’t on the same level as all the previous episodes. All the sex humor felt forced. They were trying too hard to make it funny. And I didn’t care for…

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Dead Bricks

I saw that this linked article mentioned the KLF and my mind immediately kicked in with the song “3 a.m. Eternal” by The KLF, which then immediately transitioned to “Justified and Ancient,” the song they did with Tammy Wynette. (“Tammy, stand by the jam!”) This is the same KLF. I think. They’re making a comeback….

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LOST BOYS Lost In Translation

When they decided to hire the lady who directed TWILIGHT, I knew this one was shot. Recent reports only serve to underscore my initial prediction. The pilot episode of prospective THE LOST BOYS TV show has been sent back to the shop for retooling, i.e. they are filming parts of it or all of it…

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