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Pattinson Doesn’t Want History To Repeat

Robert Pattinson has been rather charitable to his past, I would say. He doesn’t badmouth TWILIGHT with every opportunity. What he actually wants, I daresay, is for people to forget about TWILIGHT altogether. To forget that he was involved in that franchise. He may not have come right out and said as much in harsh tones, but read between the lines of what he *has* said and it seems fairly evident. And look at his resume. After TWILIGHT he has tried vehemently to distance himself from mainstream franchise fare, seeking out independent work, roles in which he gets to show that he actually can act if given some proper material. He wants us all to know that he is so much more than a sparkly pseudo-vampiric stalker.

He’s heading back into franchise territory now, though. He’s going to be the next Batman. Anyone who was around for the summer of 1989 will remember just how crazy Batmania can get, although it was a mania for the character in that case and not for the actor playing him. But what if the new Batman movie kicks up as much of a furor as did the first film? Is Pattinson ready for that? Here’s what he said of the subject: “There’s a part of me that thinks it’s impossible that what happened [with] TWILIGHT [will happen again] because it was just so sudden…I’m kind of…hoping it won’t…” Batman fans are far saner than Twi-hards, so I figure he’s safe. At least he will be as long as he doesn’t pull a George Clooney with the part. Saner, yes. Unforgiving? Also yes.

TheCheezman • December 6, 2019

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