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Pattinson’s Batsuit

What did you all think of that bit of footage with Robert Pattinson in his Batman costume? I was suitably (ahem) impressed. It does appear that the Bat symbol on the suit’s chest is made out of a gun, presumably the gun that was used to murder Bruce Wayne’s parents. It looks that way, anyway, and this explanation would make sense. Aside from the chest, though, the costume—and Pattinson—look pretty rad.

If you are still worried about Robert Pattinson playing Batman, might I suggest you watch THE LIGHTHOUSE? Pattinson has left all the baggage from those sparkly pseudo-vampire movies far behind him. He was always better than the material—which admittedly ain’t saying much—and it’s nice to see him growing beyond it, like a rootbound plant finally repotted into a larger pot and given the chance to flourish. (Hey, I studied Horticulture for three years back in school. The metaphor is apt.)

Much has been made out of the red filter used for the footage, as well. Does it signify something? Or did Matt Reeves just use it because it looked cool? I suspect the latter. The red lends an aura of, dare we say, spookiness to the footage? It’s like an old-fashioned darkroom image brought to life.

As for the footage of the stuntman in the Batsuit, I kinda dig it. It’s different. Batman shouldn’t look exactly the same in every movie. It’s also likely that this is just one version of the suit we will be seeing, as it doesn’t look exactly like the one Pattinson wore.

TheCheezman • March 1, 2020

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