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Pence’s daughter is a Vampire?

Do unto others. That’s the best philosophy a person can practice in this life. It is applicable to any situation. Since I detest it when celebrities and entertainers talk down to me, spouting off about politics and telling me how they think I ought to think, I probably shouldn’t do it myself. Spout off, that is. Even if I agree with the opinions being expressed, the manner in which they are expressed is usually obnoxious. Remember all those Hollywood types ranting and raving against George W? I might have agreed with most of what they were saying, but I got really sick of hearing them say it. An entertainer’s job is to entertain, not preach politics. Neither is it my job to proselytize politics on this site. You all hear enough of that crap everywhere else.

All that being said, there has never been a major candidate for President who was LESS qualified to serve than Donald Trump, and his chosen running mate is no better than he is. The photograph of the Pence family having dinner, and Pence’s daughter casting no reflection, has many speculating the pic was photoshopped, and others speculating that Pence’s daughter is one of the undead. I don’t buy the latter explanation. There is no WAY the daughter has less of a soul than her demagogue fascist father. It is an insult to vampires everywhere to suggest otherwise.


TheCheezman • July 24, 2016

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