People Have A Lot to Say About Underworld: Awakening!

Underworld: Awakening is the fourth installment of the epic franchise and stars Kate Beckinsale returning as Selene. The film just hit theaters and of course, loads of reviews have quickly followed and they sure are mixed.

In Underworld: Awakening Selene wakes up 15 years in the future after being cryogenically frozen by a human biotech company. She discovers that the world she once knew is long gone – the humans now know of the existence of both vampires and lycans and are waging a full out war on them. After escaping her frozen prison, Selene joins the big battle, along with her daughter.

I have yet to see the movie myself, but I think it looks amazing, and if what I am reading in reviews is true, it is. According to the critics, Underworld: Awakening is has its highs and lows. The biggest complaint is that the plot is “dense” and overly-simple, that the film focuses more on the action than the story. Well, that’s what Underworld is known for – its badass fighting scenes featuring Selene in a leather catsuit. Luckily, most critics got that, they know damn well Underworld isn’t meant to be some deep Oscar winning masterpiece, it’s an action-packed thrill ride. According to the LA Times’ review of Awakening, it “ditches the series’ dreary mythology in favor of a more direct, action-oriented approach.” I see nothing wrong with that (and neither did the reviewer), I love me some mindless entertainment, especially when it has vampires.

One other complaint was the 3D, apparently it wasn’t all that impressive. But well, I have yet to actually hear a good 3D review. Everyone watches the 3D films and then promptly complains about how terrible the 3D is. I honestly don’t know why people continue to pay extra for it. Odd.

Overall, Awakening is getting good reviews and it makes me want to see it that much more (and I will!). There are a few pompous critics who have trashed the hell out of Awakening and every other Underworld film, but from what they’re saying it’s pretty clear that their review wasn’t bad because the movie was bad, but because it’s just not their type of film. Why review an action movie when you don’t like action movies? That’s just bananas.

What did you think of Underworld: Awakening? If, like me, you haven’t seen it, do you plan on giving it a watch?

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


  1. I always thought UNDERWORLD was an above-average piece of exciting fluff, made just a bit better by some truly extraordinary actors–whom the director seemed to realize he had (easy enough to muck up a fine performance in the editing room). Which is why the first one was best–it had the best cast (including Billy Nighy and Michael Sheen). Me, I admire Kate Beckinsale as an actress and had done for years before this film came out (it baffles me to think folks think she’s always been an ‘action star’ which just shows they haven’t seen her other roles–among them Shakespeare and Jane Austen and a truly unique love story co-starring Gary Oldman, etc.). Looking forward to seeing this, but not in 3D. Even the best 3D that I’ve seen wasn’t worth the extra price, imho.

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  7. do you have any idea when the movie will be out in Belgium ’cause I cant find anything about it most sites say that its not sure if it will be shown in cinema’s heir.
    That would be sad than I would have to wait untill the dvd comes out and buy that but I can’t wait that long :(

  8. I was first in line for the 12:01 AM showing (in old-fashioned 2-D). A very different tone than the first three films, more in a modern “graphic-novel” style (which I enjoyed). The reasoning for the ending seems quite obvious. I can’t spoil it here, except to say it was done to give them some freedom in how they’d do a sequel.

    I still don’t know what quite to think about the “super-Lycan”, but it was fun to watch.
    I loved Selene’s hybrid daughter. Poor Selene: she had a Jaguar and a Maserati in the first film, but now in “Awakening”, she has to drive a beat-up early 1970’s Ford van. Damn, the economy’s hit everyone hard these days… >;^D

    Biggest surprise: A Volvo ad with a contest to win Edward Cullen’s S60R played during the previews, and no one booed or threw popcorn at the screen. >;^)

  9. saw the movie and liked it! storywise it was good (not awesome) but the special effects and actor performance were totally awesome! with a nice surprise (for me that is) at the end which was Evanescence with Made of Stone as soundtrack !! loved the movie enjoyed it till the end just to bad the quality wasn’t optimal but I guess I’ll have to wait untill the dvd release any idea when that will be?

  10. The Underworld Vampire Movies are well written with good cast and story lines
    im Hopeing the Next Underworld Movie will tell us Fans About The Vampires
    Lycans Were Wolves. Maybe their Willbe a Peaceful Understanding
    Between The Vampires & Were wolves

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