Perchance to Dream….About Vampires

We love vampires soooo much that sometimes, our subconscious just can’t help but let them into the inner workings of our minds while we’re sleeping. And vampire dreams, just like any other kind of dreams, are certainly symbolic of things going on in our everyday, wakeful lives. So, whether you’re dreaming about being attacked by evil vampires, or waking up on an adrenaline rush after having chased down weakling humans all night, just what do those vampire dreams mean?

Dreaming of being attacked by a vampire usually means that the person is feeling as though they are in a vulnerable or overwhelming position. There may also be a lot of negative thoughts or concerns that the person has and this comes through in their dream as being attacked by a ‘negative’ creature. This type of dream could also symbolize that the person is feeling as though they are powerless over a particular situation and that the situation is making them feel drained and exhausted.

Dreaming that you are a vampire however, has a completely different meaning. This could actually mean that you have primitive urges and instincts that you would like to act on. Dreaming that you are the vampire could also mean that you are feeling very cold towards someone at the moment. While you might not actually wish them harm while you are awake, you do want to exert power and be in control over them.

And of course, if you’re just dreaming of being with a vampire, this means that you most likely have unbridled passions that need to be met. Vampires are known for being extremely seductive and alluring creatures and so it’s not surprising that our passion would take the form of these creatures.

People have looked to dreams for centuries trying to figure them out and apply them to our daily lives and the case of vampire dreams is no different. Even though vampire dreams might be a little more fun! Sweet dreams….

– Kate


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