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PET SEMATARY: Why’d They Switch the Kid?

I refuse to call those people who like to piss and moan online “fans.” They aren’t. They’re mean-spirited lunks, the same class of people who write on bathroom walls, small minds struggling to express themselves and lashing out at anything they can because they themselves feel so insignificant in this life. They are the people who burn insects with magnifying glasses. Those cretins who tried to sink CAPTAIN MARVEL or who harass stars of THE LAST JEDI on Twitter, they’re not “fans” of anything. They’re lowlifes. Though to a lesser extent, those same types raised unholy hell, sputtering and spouting off about the fact that the creators of the new film PET SEMATARY changed the plot point of the little boy getting killed and then resurrected to the little *girl* getting similarly turned into roadkill and then into a zombie—even though Stephen King himself is fine with the change. Quiet, children. The adults are talking here.

Why *did* the filmmakers make that change? Because three-year-olds cannot differentiate between make-believe and reality. To have a three-year-old running around pretending to kill people could be psychologically damaging to the child. An older child can do it with no risk to his or her mental state. It really is as simple as that. The other option would have been to CGI a toddler for two-thirds of the movie. And you *know* the “fans” would have gone crazy if they’d done that. I’d much rather have an older undead killer kid than an all CGI killer kid.

TheCheezman • April 8, 2019

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