Pey and Peymakilir

What better place for a bloodthirsty vampire to feed than a battleground? One of the vampires of India and Hindu mythology chooses to haunt the wars and battles, waiting to feed on fallen soldiers. These creatures. called the Pey, or Peymakilir, are vampires of southern India, in Tamil.

India has many different vampires, and this is because it is a country rich with folklore from thousands of different local customs and religions. This country probably has more legends of vampires than any other culture. The religion and mythology of Hinduism actually consists of thousands of different local religions that slowly evolved into what is now known as Hinduism today. The legends and folklore are still drastically different from city to city, and village to village. The gods that are honored differ depending on what part of India you are in, and there are thousands and thousands of gods to choose from. And the mythology of India has as many demons as it has gods.

The Tamil people have their own unique language and folklore. These Pey vampires are part of the Hindu mythology in this part of the country. The Pey are vampires of battlegrounds and wars. The Peymakilir is the name for the female incarnation of this vampire, and she does a ritual dance as she devours bloodied corpses.

The Peymakilir is perhaps more vicious; she prefers to devour the flesh of the dying and dead, while the Pey drinks their blood. The Peymakilir is quite deadly and fearsome; she dances frenziedly as she tears the flesh off of the still living soldiers on battlefields.

On the other hand, these vampires might be perceived to be angels of mercy. They feed on the blood of fallen soldiers. The soldiers are not always dead when the Pey and Peymakilir vampires begin to feed on them, but this may not be so terrible. The soldiers may be mortally wounded and dying a slow, agonizing death. The merciful vampires drain them and expedite their journey into the next life.

By Holiday

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