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-Phillipe to FRANKENSTEIN (Even Though It Ain’t FRANKENSTEIN Anymore) And A Possible ANGEL Reunion?

Remember the Larry Fessenden take on FRANKENSTEIN? It’s now being called ALIVE. Why? I don’t know. Bad move. They should have stuck with FRANKENSTEIN or some derivation thereof. ALIVE sounds like some kind of survival show. It isn’t at all likely to attract genre fans, who will be the desired audience for this project, if not the only potential audience. Ryan Phillippe is set to star in the pilot episode, which we may or may not ever get to see. What with the name change and all, I wouldn’t put much money down on it.

David Boreanaz, star of BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER and its spinoff series ANGEL, has hinted that there “might be something in the works” where the character and the series are concerned, in honor of the twentieth anniversary(!) of the show’s debut. Whatever it is, a reunion show, a new series, a reboot (to go along with the proposed BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER reboot that is, as far as I know, still happening, I think they should change the title from ANGEL to something that has nothing to do with the source material and something guaranteed to make it harder for potential viewers to find it on the airwaves—Not.

TheCheezman • June 25, 2019

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