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Photosensitive Posters

Brilliant idea. But is it like that old Daffy Duck cartoon, where Daffy drinks nitroglycerin and tons of other explosives and then swallows a match? He and Bugs were competing for the attentions of an audience, as I recall, with Bugs getting a far bigger pop. Daffy explodes, literally, and the audience goes wild. Bugs congratulates Daffy, whose ghost bemoans, “Yeah, but I can only do it once!” Back when Looney Toons were still regularly shown on TV, it would be a given that everybody would be familiar with this reference. Sadly, today’s kids are growing up in a world of cultural deprivation.

ANYway, these posters burst into flames when they are exposed to sunlight. THE PASSAGE was cancelled by Fox (the douchebags!) a few weeks ago, but it’s just now getting ready to air in Brazil. That’s where the photosensitive posters are going up—and going up in flames. For safety, the posters were encased in glass. As they were created with a special paint designed to flame out upon exposure to sunlight, the posters were replaced nightly. (This answers my earlier question. They are a one-time-only deal.) I would have totally camped out on the sidewalk in front of one of these posters waiting for sunrise just to watch it vaporize. Wouldn’t you?

Man, this has got me missing THE PASSAGE all over again. Damn you, Fox.

TheCheezman • May 26, 2019

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