Pishacha of Hindu Lore

pishachaPishacha are another sort of vampire creature of Hindu mythology. They are flesh-eating demons, typically associated with being feminine. They are described as having red, swollen eyes and bulging veins. These creatures are nocturnal, of course.
They are said to haunt cremation grounds, like many of the other demonic beings of Hindu lore. Some legends describe the pishacha as being created by Brahma himself. Brahma is one of the Hindu Trimurti, and a Creator god, one of the most powerful gods in the Hindu pantheon.
Another legend claims the pishacha were the sons of Krodha. The word Krodha means “anger” or “wrath” in Sanskrit, and may have related to an actual person or deity at some point.
Other legends tell of the pishacha being created from Daksha, who was another Creator in Hindu myths, part of the Prajapati; “creator gods.” The pishachas are classified as being a separate race from humanity. Humans do not become pishachas, though they can be possessed and controlled by one. The pishachas are even believed to have their own language called Paishachi.
The pishachas can change their form, according to some mythic traditions, and some accounts also say they have the ability to become invisible. Other accounts say that they can enter the body of living humans, and use them to feed on others. Or they can create illnesses in those that they possess, or make their human hosts go insane. Anyone who sees a pishacha is doomed to die within nine months, according to some myths.
The Hindu traditions do have beliefs about driving away or ways of protecting against the pishacha. Chanting certain mantras can exorcise a person possessed with a pishacha. Mantras can keep away these demons. Also, giving offerings and participating in religious rites like the puja can keep a household safe from demons.

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  3. The picture with Lion’s head is that of Lord Narasimha (avatar of Vishnu) and inappropriate to be put with a topic on Paisacha.

    1. Please Delete the picture of Lord Narasimha. By putting that picture, you make people get confused about your knowledge of pishacha. It’s enough to read from the explanation from Lord Shri Krishna about pishacha. Lord explained about pishacha in the story of Jaya Ekadashi.
      Jay Shri Krishna

  4. Literally , are you kidding? Here you are talking about pishachas, the negative beings,demons, the pic attached to the article is of lord narasimha who is the ultimate destroyer of evil forces and one of the most warthful incarnations of lord Vishnu the supreme, he is the destroyer of negative forces and the protector of universal laws (DHARMA)

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