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Playing with Dr. Dreadful

I’ve been dealing with the imminent closure of the Toys R Us franchise by trying to bring as much of it, piece by piece, home with me as possible. As the discounts continue to rise, I keep going back—and I never leave empty-handed. My latest acquisition is Dr. Dreadful’s Zombie Lab. It lets you make gross-looking candy treats to eat, but that isn’t the reason I bought the toy. I bought it because zombies. Duh. It just looks rad. It looked cool on the back of the box and it looks even cooler sitting on my bookshelf.

Yeah, of course I had to try it out before placing it on said bookshelf. My insatiable curiosity wouldn’t let me NOT try it. I confess, okay? I’m a grown-ass man, well into my 40s, and I had a ridiculous amount of fun making edible zombie skin, zombie brains, and zombie barf. I actually used paper cups, because I was too lazy to dirty up my zombie lab (which meant I’d have to wash it afterward) but I followed the simple recipes exactly. My zombie skin, zombie brains and zombie barf came out perfectly. Also, although they are pure sugar and I am a diabetic, and thus it was necessary for me to limit my intake, the yucky treats taste yummy.

Check out my creations in these photographs. And I repeat, despite appearances to the contrary, I am an adult.

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TheCheezman • June 10, 2018

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