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Please Turn Me Into A Vampire!

“Please turn me into a vampire!” I read this comment here a lot. Now, before I continue I want to make it very clear that this is by no means an insult to those of you that wish to become a vampire. I totally understand your reasons for wishing it, so as I said, this isn’t an insult.

But, I’m afraid I do have a few issues with that comment. Here is one big problem, someone says they are a vampire and many of our readers believe them. People lie online… a lot. I can lie very easily right now and say, “hey everyone, I’m a Yeti!” or something small like, “I just painted my nails blue.” See how easy that was? That 500-year-old vampire you are chatting with could very well be a 50-year-old sexual predator. You never know, but you need to always keep that in mind.

This is not me assuming you are idiots, of course not. But I have seen some of our readers post their actual home address in a comment so that the “real vampire” can come and bite them. This is incredibly stupid and very dangerous! Every time I see one of those comments I am totally shocked and quickly scramble to delete it. Please understand that we are very welcoming to everyone on this site and we love our readers. So of course your safety is very important to us.

And yes, someone claiming to be a vampire could very well be your classic vampire, a sanguinarians or a psi, but either way we beg for you to be safe and smart. Before you get too serious, PLEASE stop and think long and hard about what that person is saying. Do your own research on the subject – not Twilight, not Vampire Diaries, but real research. Check out all of the facts – knowledge is power. There have been a few times where I simply picked up a couple books and checked out a few sites and instantly proved that someone’s “facts” were all lies.

Another big problem is when someone copies and pastes the same comment over and over, “PLEASE TURN ME, I WANNA BE A VAMPIRE!!!!” You are more than welcome to leave that comment, but I seen people posting it well over ten times and do you know what I do? I go through and delete each comment except for one. I hate spamming and posting over and over won’t help your chances of becoming a vampire. Actually, if I were a vampire and I saw that I’d be like, “No way in hell do I want to spend eternity with them!” and move on.

To sum it up, I am begging you to all be safe and smart. Please do not believe everything someone writes. Please do not post your home address or your e-mail address in a comment because it will be deleted. Please no spam. And once again, please do not consider this an insult. I adore all of our wonderful readers, from the fanged to the fang-less.

Hugs all around!
– Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).
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Moonlight • January 23, 2010

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  • rebecca

    every myth has a truth basis, but why would a true vampire want any other race to know they are out there humans are dangerous and kill anything they dont understand, and there are so many ways to change into a vampire really why would the church let anything that would betray their doctrine, i admire them, the vampires, some people want to become a vampire and immortallity is a huge benefit but theres got to be more to it then just becoming a vampire theres got to be laws for that race or they wouldnt have survived through the centuries.

  • anonymous

    OK everyone who wants to be a vampire learnn about your D.N.A and others then splice them together

  • ithink iam turning in to one cause iwass on you tube an i did a vampire spell

    • gigi

      What type of spell and if it works tell me so that I can do it

  • adelinalover

    o cmon im a vampire i read a spell and it worked

    • gigi

      Well then if it worked tell me the spell

  • sima

    well u r absolutely right about this and i also would be glad if i could be a vampire i mean who doesn’t want to be an eternal creature that can do whatever he/she wants and experience not only one but many many lives and live in many different ways but this shouldn’t cause someone to be blind to everything and let this desire take over the logic and the logic says if there’s is a real vampire out there he /she would never turn someone who’s that hopeless and maybe has no reason but boasting or taking revenge this is not a good cause for turning, i guess. a vampire should be strong and firm and i’m sure real vampires never waste their times on losers who beg for sth and r ready to accept the danger exp. in today’s world… to cut it short i beg everyone to listen to what u just said and be safe and i ask if e real vampire exists to help me but i never beg for anything

  • Melissa

    I would love to be a vampire no sickness, never tired, you dont age and you are badass. Would love to be like Bella AWESOME!!!!! If You find out how let me know I’m so in!!!!

    • gigi

      Well I have heard of a spell
      Blood red,pale skin,moonlight draw me in,quench my thirst,coursing veins,let me feel no pain do it from 10:00 to 12:00

  • i would love to be one so i can live.. my life is not how i want it to be..i had i kid at 16 never had a life befor that…no one cares if i die…all thay care about is money and if i do became one i can start a new life and thats the one thing i would love the moos…cuz when i get up i look and all i see is myself doin nothing in life..there is thing i want to see,go,live i do hope i can be one i have been wishin for this sents i was 7 now im 21..i hope for one my wish will come…

    • gigi

      Hopefully you will be a vampire im still figuring out if I want to be one

  • Alexandra routh

    Anyone want to be a hydrid instead like both vamp and were wolf I now I am cause I was born a hydrid.
    So watch out I get u :)

  • Frank Guilliani

    I’m happy to read what you said.Although my life has been a forefilling one.I want to continue it further That is my reason The real secret to it all is to experience it forever.Anyway that’s my opinion.

  • Frank Guilliani

    Existing brings new meaning if your a vampire.Because to survive you must not exist.

  • Bane

    Killed quiet a few Vampires. It isn’t easy. Although I myself wish to become one the Vampires I encountered were very very evil. Watch out for those ones. They will not turn you they will kill you. If I could find a Vampire with good intentions then and only then will I want the dark gift.

  • Joshua

    If anyone out there is an actual vampire, i ask you to aid me. I have led a good life so far and wish to carry it out for eternity. I wish to have heightened senses and physic to protect the ones i love, then maybe after become an aid. A secret. Mysterious overwatch. Sounds lame but that is my wish.

  • Anonymous

    then today is your lucky day okay heres the the spell blood red pale skin moon light draw me in quench my thirst carsing vains let my body feel no pain real spell say 10x at night 10 to12 pm

    • gigi

      is there a way to do it a ritual any stuff like that cause I’ve heard that chant before and they say different things on how to do it

  • Jordan

    Yeh I would

  • Starlight

    Adelinalover if you are one your not suppose to say it and I go with moonlight cause my little cousin was smart enough to stop from doin what she was going to do she was going to get damned in other words going to hell for being stupid and I’m still reserching and now I’m getting facts about the laws and it the first one always is dont show your self to humans and how do you survive do you murder thousands and thousands of people just cause your thirsty and you need to survive

  • Jesus Christ

    Ok I’m sorry but it’s really bugging the hell out of me! You can’t turn into a vampire by a spell or DNA research. I no this Becouse my girl friend is a vampire and she told me that the only way is if you had vampire parents and you were born. Or you exchange blood with a real one. I want her to turn me but she won’t damn it lol

  • Anthony

    So many people want it but do you need it? The spells are mostly fake. Yes you must be born that way…Like me 1983 was my birthday and my mom was born with a halo of skin on her head and sharp side teeth. I myself realized if you wish it then stop wishing if you want it…to bad…My eyes do change color and my hearing is excellent. I’m also a Wicca and neither is fun at all. I burn easy in the sun and very handsome but all are. Please don’t do anything you will regret later. I’m tired or don’t have a lot of energy and I’m very flexible and I run fast. I keep these things secret as should all of us vampires. I also bleed from the inside if I don’t have any blood but I never harm anyone I do eat raw meat from time to time and yes its very good…Believe it or not that’s your opinion but a fair warning DON’T DO IT DON’T THINK IT AND ALWAYS LOVE THE LIFE YOU HAVE ONCE YOUR A VAMPIRE YOU CAN’T TURN BACK….YOU CAN ALSO LOOK FORWARD TO HELL. PLEASE DON’T AND CONSIDER WHAT YOU HAVE NOW….

  • anaus

    Your girlfriend is a vampire?

  • Anais

    Im a vampire in 1634 i was 18 yeas old i was waking home with my soon to be husband Derek when we hard something coming up behind us i looked back and i saw nothing and i ask Derek if he hard something and he said it was just the wind then out of no where Derek falls and he’s bleeding and i look back and i see a man behind me at this point i knew that he was going to kill me then Derek got up and said anais run go find help and i ran and i hard Derek yell and i knew that it killed him i don’t stop running then i fell i had broken my leg and i doesn’t have a way to get up then the man came and saw me on the floor i begged he to let me go to not kill me and he said do you really think im going to kill you and i said if your not going to kill me then what do you want? And he said you. I said why do you want me i don’t even know you then he came and looked me in the eyes and said but i know you then he bit his arm and fed me his blood then he snapped my neck when i woke i was in my room. Ever sins that day i have seen my love one die from a distance and i have never aged sins that day some people say that they want to be a vampire but trust me you don’t unless you want to see everyone you have loved and family die and you stay undead you won’t be able to die or have a normal live. If i could have 1 wish my wish would be to have never became a vampire. becareful what you wish for.

  • Maïa Maroni

    Yes I would love to be a hybrid but… You cant just become one can u?

  • garret

    u have to do it exactly like it says with no mess ups in your words,i did this as a joke with my own very on it, it took some time didnt even thought worked 2 months got real hungry all the tme never satisfied sun seems to be more havick on my body when u consome blood in any way its like an extra hunger to keep going allways out of energy,sick easeir than the norm theris more i know seems silly and not true this is danerous its allways been their i just need the real thing to finish the job hook me up i invite and welcome you.

  • I also think that would be a lot of good idea

  • Anna

    Dear Anais,

    Well first I want to say that I am sorry for your loss.
    I know you said that you do not wish for anyone to become a vampire but you lost your soon to be husband and the people that you love but what if they where turned too than you would have them for ever. Well maybe you would still feel the same way. I have only one person I love my fiance, I don’t have a family or friends that I would care to see live forever. That’s not to say I don’t have friends but I know they wouldn’t want to live forever not that I could find someone to turn them or even me and my fiance for that matter. But I do I want to live forever or at least till the world ends I guess. There are a million reasons I want to be turned one of the most important ones is that I want to study everything. I studied philosophy in college and I’m going to graduate school to get a PhD in philosophy but there is more i want to study actually when I say everything I mean it i could study every subject in the world, I also want to see the world and see it again and again. But there isn’t enough time in life to get a million PhD’s and you might say that’s a lame reason to become a vampire but its what I and my fiance love it’s what we live for. But there are other reasons why I want to be with the love of my life to live and be free, see we where robed and are till being robed of time by our family, yes I know I said I diffident have a family well not a real one anyway they are abusive and controlling and only up in till collage was I able to break free and study what I love and same with my fiance only up in till than was he being controlled and abused. That’s not to say we hate them we actually pity them. They delusional that they don’t even see what they do to hurt us is wrong. If we where vampires we could protect our self from them and not have to break the bubble they live in but let them live the rest of there human lives with us, then we can truly start to live ours. I would not miss them I don’t love them but I do feel obligated to them since they created me also I pity them, we (me and my fiance) do. I want we want to live and live and be free and strong and ageless and filled with knowledge of all the things that is out there to be learned. I know you wouldn’t wish this for your self but we want this we feel that we need this would you consider turning us? At least think about it. If you need more information we would be happy to tell you what you like to know.

    Thank you for listening to my story,

  • Ryan

    Spell on turning into a vampire? I’ve got cancer and don’t want to die. :/

  • Clair

    Please turn me into a vampire

    • Shen Swiftblade

      how do u expect vampires to contact you if u dont leave info

  • Vanessa Courter

    I’d like to be a vampire, but I’m afraid of it as well I mean sexual predators. If anyone can help me be a vampire I’d appreciate it, but if anyone says no than its fine with me. ^^

    My email is

  • watdafa142

    pls.. turn me into vampire

    here is my email

  • Jill Cipher

    I realy want to meet a real vampire…

  • rosa

    i dont know if this website is real or fake but the passion i have for wanting to become a vampire isnt just for the fun and games i really do want to do something with them abilities and whether or not i can actually help the world we them skills i will find a way but if this website is real and it isnt a fake and there is a chance that a real vampire sees this then just reply to it and i will try my hardest to give you a way to contact me without exposing to much detail

    • Radio Remix

      Same here

  • Jojo

    I hope this is a real site and not a fake site bc i really want to become a vampire and use the powers i get to do good for the world and if by chance a real vampire sees this i will try to give you a way to contact me

  • carma

    please turn me my addres is 145 keen street pa come tonight