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Please Turn Me Into A Vampire!

“Please turn me into a vampire!” I read this comment here a lot. Now, before I continue I want to make it very clear that this is by no means an insult to those of you that wish to become a vampire. I totally understand your reasons for wishing it, so as I said, this isn’t an insult.

But, I’m afraid I do have a few issues with that comment. Here is one big problem, someone says they are a vampire and many of our readers believe them. People lie online… a lot. I can lie very easily right now and say, “hey everyone, I’m a Yeti!” or something small like, “I just painted my nails blue.” See how easy that was? That 500-year-old vampire you are chatting with could very well be a 50-year-old sexual predator. You never know, but you need to always keep that in mind.

This is not me assuming you are idiots, of course not. But I have seen some of our readers post their actual home address in a comment so that the “real vampire” can come and bite them. This is incredibly stupid and very dangerous! Every time I see one of those comments I am totally shocked and quickly scramble to delete it. Please understand that we are very welcoming to everyone on this site and we love our readers. So of course your safety is very important to us.

And yes, someone claiming to be a vampire could very well be your classic vampire, a sanguinarians or a psi, but either way we beg for you to be safe and smart. Before you get too serious, PLEASE stop and think long and hard about what that person is saying. Do your own research on the subject – not Twilight, not Vampire Diaries, but real research. Check out all of the facts – knowledge is power. There have been a few times where I simply picked up a couple books and checked out a few sites and instantly proved that someone’s “facts” were all lies.

Another big problem is when someone copies and pastes the same comment over and over, “PLEASE TURN ME, I WANNA BE A VAMPIRE!!!!” You are more than welcome to leave that comment, but I seen people posting it well over ten times and do you know what I do? I go through and delete each comment except for one. I hate spamming and posting over and over won’t help your chances of becoming a vampire. Actually, if I were a vampire and I saw that I’d be like, “No way in hell do I want to spend eternity with them!” and move on.

To sum it up, I am begging you to all be safe and smart. Please do not believe everything someone writes. Please do not post your home address or your e-mail address in a comment because it will be deleted. Please no spam. And once again, please do not consider this an insult. I adore all of our wonderful readers, from the fanged to the fang-less.

Hugs all around!
– Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).

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Moonlight • January 23, 2010

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  • Lord Uncle Touchy

    I just want a vampire friend in franklin North Carolina email me if you live here ps I’m female not that it matters and I’m sorry about my username my ex changed it but yea bye.

  • Alexander Alisha

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    • Niall Mangagel

      if you realy a vampire can you please make me to a vampire of you make i will do anything you want so please make me please

      • Alexander Alisha

        Contact the chief clan for that @

        • Arbaz Khan

          Hi Alisha, I mailed them last 10 days back ..but I didn’t get any reply from them, As u said u are a Vampire. I need to have a small chat with u, if u can give your valuable time for me, that could be a great help’s my mail ID I will be waiting to your reply.

  • Niall Mangagel

    i want to become a vampire because thats my dreamed when i was a child so please email me at

  • Devin Skalski

    Please help me… i need some change. Turn me please… email me please.

  • Junielys

    First of all are vampires hot? cuz I don’t know if they are. Oh and I’m 12 years old and i want to become a vampire. ONLY hot vampires could text me back and they have to be 12 or 13 I don’t really care p.s I got to LHMS 6th grade

    Xoxo junielys (Lilly for short)

  • karan tiwari

    please help me for turning me into vampire bcz its only single way for me to live myself. now its my need to be an vampire bcz i lost my all dreams and now this is a way where i can be..stand in-front of my challenge and will achieve my goal,need….
    so please turn me into an vampire, its your great grace on to do this………

  • karan tiwari

    if you’ll get any chance to turn yourself please help me or inform me, its my humble request to you.
    please ……

  • wishtobeavampire

    Hello! Well i am 25 years old but I’ve been feeling the vampire ever since. I don’t really know how the faith came in me because I have never been too interested in it but I’ve always felt less like everyone inside. I don’t consider myself to be exceptional or special but I always felt from my childhood and still feel that I didn’t fit with others. It’s as if I had stumbled upon my life and I could not go foot with others. No matter what I can’t succeed. I’m like nobody. I’ve never had too many dreams I’ve never had a clear vision of my future I’d rather or should be… but when it comes to talking about mystical things I agree with that. I’ve never been opposed to that. I’ve never been the one who doesn’t believe in such things. I sincerely believe that in real life somewhere between our vampires and really exist. Maybe vampires in reality are completely different than usual in books and films but I know one thing: they don’t advertise they hide their existence and identity. Because if anyone finds out that in the world they exist all the crazy will be crazy about it and in the first place they will not feel unless they show their true face very clearly. And when it comes to me in fact there is a crazy desire to become a vampire in me. Not because of this I became strong and able to do anything but head to head and therefore I wouldn’t be punished but because of the fact that I don’t feel like a human being in the world I don’t feel like being a human is my place and I feel the constitution of the vampire will make me feel this suffering – to be human. I hate being just an ordinary person. I hate it every night to go to bed. I hate the need to wash and brush your teeth every day. I hate having to eat food several times a day. I hate being that I’m a simple fucking human. I know that being a vampire is not easy, there are many limitations: I could not manage my blood thirst at the very beginning, perhaps for a long time. I would not be able to walk during the day. There was a great danger of being killed with wooden bass (at least as it were on the Internet) or something else. I also know that I can not communicate with my current relatives, and why, as a matter of great regret it doesn’t change my wishes. It doesn’t make me look and I still want to become a vampire. I’m afraid that even being a vampire is not meant for me either as a human being or someone else. I will never find my place in life and I will be in constant misery… Sad!

  • Lillian Sizemore

    why do people want to become a vampire. You are inmortal you watch as your family die knowing you will never see them again and you feed on blood. The thought of being a vampire knowing your curse on this world for a long time no thank you please tell me why do you want to be a vampire and the good thing about being a vampire

    • Mike Caron

      The best thing I think is the fact that if you don’t have family or friends you can really just watch and see how society changes. Also, vampires really aren’t immortal they just age extremely slow

  • GEM

    has anyone tried this email address ? they claim to be able to send you blood to turn you but they want you to send them a video saying you will do what they say or die.

    • Mike Caron

      Yeah let’s all just join a fucking gang in hopes of being a “vampire”

  • maTin Kh

    Hey i want to be vampire, I really want this, pls mail me if you can help me!

  • s/Nakea Ankrom

    i want a vampire to come bit me tonight

  • sal

    Turn me into vampire too, please so i can suck energy from others while making my move upwards.

  • Haedis Grail

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  • reaper

    hello any one turn in to a vampire?

    • Edward kujur

      Yes I want to become vampire. I am 19 years old. Look like 19 years old but not my real age is 200years

  • maTin Kh

    If you really want to become a vampire contact us

    • Vans

      Didn’t you post something about a month ago asking to be a vampire? And now you’re saying ‘here’s a fake email if you want to be one’, what’s your deal?

  • Melissa

    Email me at melissatapping
    This life is over

  • Jooy


    My Name is Jooy am from USA,I really thank Blooded Mary for making me to become a Vampire and today i am a real vampire. so if you with to become a vampire, you can E-Mail Blooded Mary at: And become a vampire.

    Thank You.

  • Destiny Nicole

    I know there are real vampires out there but have litte hopes in a possibility of actually finding any and knowing it if i did lol. Ive wanted to be a vampire for the past 7 years since the twilight and drac obsession started. Ohh wells though prolly best i havent put too much effort into the whole vamp trans thing though or i wouldn’t have a beautiful daughter. Just chills out everybody itll all work out how its supposed too ;).

  • Terry Washington

    Personally I think that those people who seriously want to be vampires have been reading too much “Carmilla”, Bram Stoker and Anne Rice novels. Do you REALLY want to live in a world of eternal darkness, never being able to enjoy the beauty of a sunrise or a summer’s day at the beach? Or outlive your friends and family?Think about it!

  • Samic Mansoor

    i dont wanna say that talk much about y i wanna be a vampire but ya when i was 7 i was interested in vampires but now im of 15 and im still interested but like im not sure about vampires and if there are vampires then it will be so hard to find one so its like im running after a thing that u r not even sure about….2017 from Canada brampton, Ontario…. i wanna be vampire there some more reason just dont wanna tell…. contact me if there r any =…..

  • Marisa Gyulay

    I would like to know if they’re are any vampires in West Chester, pa? I’m intrigued with the culture and would love to know more on a personal level.

  • Marisa Gyulay

    I just want to learn about the who, what and where’s of vampirism!

  • Mark

    I turn to a vampire any time i want to. i become a vampire because of how people treat me, this world is a wicked world and not fair to any body. at the snack of my finger things are made happened. am now a powerful man and no one step on me without an apology goes free. i turn to human being also at any time i want to. and am one of the most dreaded man in my country. i become a vampire through the help of my friend who introduce me into a vampire kingdom by given me their email. if you want to become a powerful vampire kindly contact the vampire kingdom on their Email:


    I want to become a vampire diaries plz make me anyone is there real vampire plz make me if you seen I can’t live anymore in this world I have so many problems in our lives plz….. make me?? thankyou..

  • Jette

    If vampires are real, I’d love to be one.

  • Vans

    Stop pleading. It’s not going to get you anywhere. Yeah, vampires aren’t all lifeless immortal beings. But pleading isn’t going to do much. Or anything. They live the pros and cons everyday, and may not enjoy it and therefore don’t want to put you through it. I too want to be one. So, here’s my request; Life is shit, this world is fucked up, a lot of humans are selfish and idiotic that it’s disgusting. And vampires don’t need to worry about the bullshits of life, and that’s what I want. To not care about it. I have no plans, I don’t want plans. So, I want to be one. Turn me. I know the consequences, I’ll just have to live with it.

  • Vans

    If a vampire does happen to see this. Come find me. You have eternity, it shouldn’t be hard for you to track someone down.