POLL: Science VS. Magic

With the countless vampire tales out there you could find hundreds or even thousands of different types of vampires. But there is one way, out of many, to categorize them – scientific vampires and magical vampires.  We have met many vampires in novels, television, and movies, and these vampire are either beings of magic or of science. Let me explain in detail…

First are magical vampires. I’d say the vast majority of vampires fit into this category. These vampires are like those in The Vampire Diaries, Twilight, The Vampire Chronicles, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and on and on. They are immortal beings created by magical and mystical means. They have superpowers and are entirely unnatural. There is no scientific explanation for these vamps. They are undead and mysterious. They weren’t born, they were created in a magical manner. These are the vampires of fantasy, not science-fiction.

The vampires of science-fiction would be, well, the scientific vampires. These aren’t as common in novels (which is a shame). These are vampires with a real scientific explanation. The author busted out scientific knowledge and logically explained the existence of their vampires. There wasn’t magic involved, it was pure science. An example would be the vampires in apocalyptic tales, like The Strain. There was a virus that manipulated the body and created hordes of the undead. Or in alternate universes, like J.R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, vampires are an actual species. They are not made, they are born. It’s genetics, not magic.

Now here’s the question of the hour – which do you prefer? Which stories do you like more? The ones with scientific vampires or magical vampires. I even made a poll!


Personally, I am a fan of the scientific vampires. I like both, but lately I am leaning more towards the science. I have literally hundreds of vampire books on my shelves and 99.9% of them are fantasy tales full of magic. That was my favorite kind of story once. But after reading all of those books, I have grown tired of them. I am more in the mood for science-y stories now.

How about you?

– Moonlight



By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


  1. Honestly, I find the vast majority of vampire fiction lacking in any kind of magical feel or mysticism. But the so-called “scientific” vampires like those in UNDERWORLD make precious little sense, at least to me. But then, I know a lot of science. The magic I see feels more like exotic technology than magic. At least most of the time. I see why–that is easier to do from a storytelling perspective. It ends up easier to grasp. But I prefer my magic more slippery–like that in LOTR or in a more subtle way in HARRY POTTER.

  2. I don’t have a preference over ‘scientific’ or ‘magical/supernatural’ vampires, as I’m generally more interested in other characteristics of the given vampires and those characteristics that I like the most are not limited to either just scientific nor magical/supernatural means or origins of the vampires.

    In the case of my own original concept of vampires, I wanted a more scientific origin for them, especially since I typically have a pronounced interest in various sciences, biology in particular, but my vampires included traits that I can’t find myself reasoning them with “just scientific” explanations, even in an alternate universe. So instead I essentially have them as a sort of ‘species’ that is made from humans who are turned via a preternatural pathogen–which therefore isn’t confined to the limits of biological viruses and bacteria.

    My concept of vampires aren’t creatures of magic, per se, and are if anything more science-based, even though they are intrinsically part preternatural/supernatural (although I don’t see them as unnatural). They have physical and ability-based traits that make them in ways more like the ‘magical’ vampires however there’s still a heavy mix of scientific (physiological, anatomical, biological, and evolutionary) aspects to their traits and existence, even if certain specifics of them wouldn’t be able to be explained via science due to the preternatural part. I guess I also like applying the ‘suspension of disbelief’ about my vampires to primarily preternatural/supernatural things rather than the science-based parts to make it sound less like bad science or pseudoscience.

  3. Scientific vampires, all the way! Bringing extra-terrestrial life forms into my equation allowed me to reconcile thousands of years worth of folklore into scientifically plausible terms.

  4. I only clicked Scientific because it is annoying to see so many shows about Vampires being turned and science has dis-proven that many times and there would be no humans left and the Vampires would die out. I prefer the born Vampires like in one of my favorite Movies “The Hamiltons” – “The Thompsons” ect. However I can see the Possession thing working as the Vampire “Spirit” – “Demon” – or whatever but not by a bite just possession. That is also more plausible as I prefer my supernatural horror (also Cannibals like Hannibal) – nor do I follow science much but I like the reasoning behind it more and I wasn’t unsure just seemed more fitting to put more into explanation than whatever – it just is how it is…

    1. Actually in most shows about vampires a vampire bite does not turn you into a vampire. It makes you a corpse or an anemic mortal at best. Being drained completely of your blood and then fed some vampire blood is how you become a vampire.
      This manner of creating vampires won’t lead to overpopulation.

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