Pop Star Ke$ha Drinking Blood On Stage?

Obviously a sign that she needs to go back to rehab; Ke$ha is now charging people to see her squeeze red stuff out of a ‘heart’ on stage, which flows out all over her face and mouth. I have a secret suspicion that it’s just a refined way of having a shot of gin on stage, so that she can head off sobriety when it threatens to take over mid-show. Or she’s a real life vampire, –but I lean toward cannibal. It’s her beady little eyes and zombie breath that have me most suspicious, not to mention her alcoholism; supposedly, alcohol hinders the craving for blood, a la Vampire Diaries myth, –so maybe she’s trying to make a vast army of vampire hordes at her concert! It’s all falling into place now, how could I not have seen it before?!?

Or she’s just emulating better performers, being as she’s an unoriginal twat. Even E! Online seemed to be of divided opinion on the subject:

Video and equally gross-out photos have surfaced of the trashtastic pop star bringing a large dissected heart on stage with her, squeezing what appeared to be a hefty amount of blood from it into her mouth and down her neck, and proceeding to finish off her set covered in the sanguine substance.

Was it queasiness-inducing? Yes. Was it vintage rock ‘n’ roll? Definitely. But was it actually real blood, or just some realistic-looking, headline-grabbing stunt? Could Ke$ha really have drunk animal’s blood onstage? Shield your vegan eyes, this rumor is…

So false…er, we hope!

When asked for clarification, Ke$ha’s rep seemed more interested in selling tickets than setting the record straight, telling E! News that fans should “come see the show and find out” if it’s real or not.

But while it looked true to life, reviewers who did shell out the cash and actually bore witness to the the shenanigan seem to be in agreement that the heart—and thus the “blood” flowing from it—were indeed fake. Which may be why the crowd reacted with such enthusiasm and not, as they might should the stunt have been real, with en masse fainting.”

Dude, people don’t faint anymore. Besides, if she was drinking blood, they’d have been equally excited. Remember how excited everyone was at the show when Ozzy Osbourne began his own private geek show, biting heads off things. The audience loved it, –so while I’m pretty sure everyone realized Ke$ha’s stunt was fake, they probably didn’t come to that realization until much later. Then again, who knows? Like she can’t afford to eat a human heart now and then? Pht.

By annimi

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