Preview Clips of True Blood’s ‘Whatever I Am, You Made Me’

The third episode of True Blood Season 5 will be here in a few short days and HBO is teasing the fans of what’s to come this Sunday (June 24). They have released an action packed promo video and two sneak peek previews of the upcoming episode, “Whatever I Am, You Made Me,” and they look awesome! Check out the promo and preview clips below!

“Whatever I Am, You Made Me” episode description:

“Bill and Eric negotiate with the Vampire Authority to allow them to keep their lives. Sookie asks for Pam’s help. There are consequences for Andy’s sexual hook-up with Holly. Debbie Pelts’ parents come to Andy looking for their daughter. Jason meets up with a former high school teacher.”

First up is the episode promo:

Oooh! It looks like yet another bloody episode! Out of that entire clip I am surprisingly most excited about Jessica sniffing out Claude, the fairy. It was revealed ages ago that Jessica would be showing interest in him. I am curious to see where that goes, I am also wondering if he will be the same in the show as he is in the books. In the books he is described as, “being so breathtaking that women are left speechless when they lay eyes on him. Charlaine Harris created him as ‘six feet tall with rippling, black hair, muscular, brown, velour-soft eyes, a chiseled jaw, and a sensuous mouth with a pouty bottom lip.'” He is also said to be incredibly vain and rude. Let’s see what drama this fairy causes.

Now for the preview clips:

Clip 1

Clip 2

What do you think of the promo and previews? Are you excited for the next episode? I am a bit wary, the last episode was disappointing and they already have WAY too many storylines going. How that plan on having one solid plot in 12 episodes is beyond me. I guess I will have to wait and see.

– Moonlight

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