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Preview for Season Four, Episode Four of THE STRAIN

Watch the video here. Yeah, it looks cool. But you’re killin’ me, FX. Seriously. You ought to be getting these links to me on MONDAY. There’s a lag time between when I submit an article and when it posts. It’s all automated, see? THE PROGRAM selects certain articles and posts them throughout a given week. It’s all convenient-like–except when folks like you, FX, insist on sending me stuff a day LATE. We can either go into THE PROGRAM, which kinda feels like having to hack it, honestly–in other words, it’s a pain in the ass–or I can just wait and hope THE PROGRAM selects the article in time. That rarely works in my favor, however. Most times when I submit an article hoping it will post first, it ends up posting LAST. Sometimes I think THE PROGRAM does it just to mess with me.

Anyway. Episode Four looks cool. Eph trying to figure out what the Strigoi are up to–again–while Gus plots a big score and Dutch does…something. But there’s no sign of Quinlan. Does that mean he won’t be featured in this episode? I dislike when they go an episode without Quinlan.

Alright, I’m feeding this one into THE PROGRAM right now, FX. Let’s hope it isn’t irritated because you sent this link on TUESDAY instead of Monday. And if it is pissed, I hope it blames you, not me.

Thanks for airing THE STRAIN, though. Much love.

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TheCheezman • August 3, 2017

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