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Preview: THE STRAIN Season 4, Episode 5–Belly of the Beast

Mayhap I spoke too soon, lamenting as I did in my latest post about he lack of Quinlan this season on the show. It looks like we’ll get to see him again in the next episode, after all, as he and Fet continue their quest for the Holy Grail–I mean the unholy nuke. (Hey, if the Occido Lumen says that it’s the means to taking out the Master–a suggestion of which, frankly, I am skeptical, as Setrakian hasn’t done such a great job of interpreting the Lumen thus far–then maybe the comparison isn’t THAT ironic.) And Quinlan taking on an SUV with his sword? My money’s on the dhampir. Point of fact, in most cases my money is going to be on the dhampir. Even a freakin’ nuke didn’t kill him. No, actually, TWO nukes!

Dutch and Eichorst meet again. I had a feeling they might. The last time these two had a scene together, the corrosive chemistry between them almost melted plasma-screen TVs across the country. This reunion makes me look forward to next week. More than I was already, I mean. Almost as much as seeing Quinlan in the preview did.

That bit with Setrakian, Eichorst, and the snake, though, looks like another dream image. Enough with the dream images, already, at least in the previews. It comes off as a wee bit disingenuous.

I know, I know. Marketing. And Barnum would have done it. Fine. Whatever. Quinlan’s back, so I’m happy.

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TheCheezman • August 7, 2017

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