Previews for the Next Episode of True Blood!

There are less videos than usual this week, –less by half. Apparently, once again, they’re getting lazy back there. Well, it’s about mid-season, and everyone is getting all, sure of their ratings. Why be consistent, when you can just throw us a couple of short videos…. instead of the usual four we look forward to every week? If I sound bitter, it’s because I am. Oh well, at least there’s still a couple. And they did give us a super long new preview last week. Let’s see what they’ve delivered this week.

Ep. 43 Clip: Jason Counsels Hoyt

Apparently, Hoyt is “worried” about Jason. Although, I doubt if that means Hoyt is unsure of Jason around his girlfriend. For one, because Hoyt is rarely the threatening, subtle type. He’s probably referring to Jason’s health, and experience with gangrape in Hotshot. If Hoyt honestly thought Jason was screwing around with Jessica, he’d probably go kick his ass. There’s a short passage in “Men at Arms” by Terry Pratchett that applies here, and I’ll have to paraphrase, but, –you should hope that the man holding you at sword point is a bad man, because he will hesitate, or stop to talk about his plans. A good man will kill you. That’s Hoyt. A good man, an honest man, who will probably not hesitate to talk about his diabolical scheme, so much as just kick your ass and be done with it.

 Ep. 43 Clip: Debbie and Alcide Get Initiated

Oh boy. The more Alcide worries about Sookie, the more Debbie notices. Her craziness is going to jump right out of her head like one of those snake-in-a-can things you only ever find in bad TV. Except, Debbie’s crazy is not a foamy toy, in an old Pringle’s can. Her equivalent, is like… an armed missile popping out of a massive tank barrel. And somehow, I think the target acquired will most likely be Sookie. Despite it being Alcide’s fault, because he can’t just control himself. Gosh, what a hunky retard.

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