Priest: Another Contender for Vampire Movie of the Summer

Yes, yes, I know. Eclipse is coming out this summer and really that’s the only vampire movie we should be on the lookout for, right? Well, I too am very excited about Eclipse but after reading about another vamp film that’s coming out, I think even the Cullens may have come up against something that’s going to be tough for them to beat. But it does have one thing in common with the Twilight Saga. Cam Gingandet,who played James in Twilight , plays Hicks, one of the main vampires in Priest. And he’ll be joined by another actor that’s very familiar with playing a fang-toothed immortal. That would be Stephen Moyer, who brilliantly portrays Vampire Bill in True Blood.

The movie is called Priest and it’s directed by Scott Stewart, who recently celebrated success with Legion.. One of the things that interests me about this movie is that it’s a vampire-Western film. I have to say, I can’t picture it but it sure sounds cool. But that’s not what most interests me. That would be the fact that Stewart has recently spoken about the movie and said that the vampires in it would be completely different from anything we’ve seen in the last little while. The blood suckers in Priest will not even be human, they’ll be digital characters that won’t even speak English. And, in Stewart’s own words, the vamps will be ‘feral and violent.’ Okay, okay, enough already. What is it about?!

In the movie Priest, the priest is played by Paul Bettany. After his niece is kidnapped by some of these feral and violent vampires, the priest breaks church law by joining with both the sheriff and the priestess. Together, the three go off in search of the vampires, and to find his niece. The movie is still very much in production so unfortunately, that’s all we get for now. But it’s enough of a teaser to keep me interested!

Priest was originally set to be released in October. However, because studios care so much about us vampire fans (or because there was scheduling issues), we’ll be able to get our tickets on August 20, 2010.

– Kate


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  3. Wow! Sounds pretty intense. By feral and violent I wonder if they mean similiar to 30 Days of Night. That movie was a gore fest. I’m looking forward to hearing more on Priest.

  4. Hi I just visited your kewl site by accident (actually I dont think its by accident as everything just happens as its meant to be..right?) anyways I read somewhere that the movie ‘Priest’ isnt going to be released until 2011 :O can someone here confirm if thats true or not? I looked around & theres not that much info on the movie. I saw a trailer & it does look pretty kewl- parts of it like futuristic/ hi tech parts of it set in the past etc. ^”^ ^”^ ^”^ <-thats meant to be some bats lol

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