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Prom Night

I didn’t go to my high school prom. I didn’t do much of anything in high school, really. I was so painfully shy and in terms of my emotional development, a few years behind schedule. Later on, looking back on it, I regretted all the things I hadn’t done, all the experiences I’d skipped because at the time I had no interest in such things. Not the prom, though. The prom wasn’t my thing then and it isn’t my kind of thing now. No, I don’t regret missing it. The cliché of making out with your prom date in the back seat of the limo? That I kinda hate that I missed. The rest of it? Not so much.

If I were transported back in time to my high school days, though, with the fully developed personality that I have now (Better late than never!), I might go for something like teenager Megan Flaherty chose: she arrived at her junior prom in a hearse, popping out of a casket in the back. Surprisingly, she didn’t wear black. Kudos to her for being different. If I were to do it, though, I’d go for a full Dracula cape with Barnabas Collins cane. I don’t do the goth thing, but if you gotta get dressed up anyway…

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TheCheezman • June 13, 2017

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