Psi vs. Sang

Psi vs. Sang

Psychic vampires and Sanguinarians are known by many to have a strained relationship. Many, not all, but many Sanguinarians feel that they are much more, prestigious if you will, because they are born into their vampirism rather than “awakened” into it like a psi. Sang vampires are also known for having generations worth of Sanguinarians in their family, which over the years builds a sense pride and respect in oneself. This tends to cause a rivalry between the two. If you are reading this and have no idea what I am talking about, I’ll back up and explain what each is.

First off, Psychic vampires. Psychic vampires are mortals that need to feed off of the life force of others (pranic energy) in order to stay healthy (aka Magnetic Vampirism) not blood. They do not produce enough energy of their own and require feedings from others to replace low energy; they are, in a sense, psychic sponges. If you are feeling oddly drained of emotions there is a possibility that you are the under attack of a psychic vampire.

As I said above, Psychic vampires aren’t born but awakened into what they are (although there is a debate about that). This awakening comes during puberty and it causes an assortment of changes, including: problems sleeping at night, sensitivity to sunlight, they have a difficult time digesting solid food (since they switch to feeding on energy), an increase in psychic abilities and heightened senses.

There are also a few different kinds of psychic vampires. First is Elemental, they feed off of elemental energy, such as thunderstorms. Then there is Sexual Psychic vampires, they feed off of sexual acts (they are not to be confused with incubi or succubi). Finally there are Emotional Psychic vampires and they feed off of emotions.

That covers the basics; there are many MANY different views on Psychic Vampires. Many theories and ideas as to what a Psychic vampire is. Oh and before you ask, it is pretty much a unanimous “no!” when it comes to one psi creating another psi. They can’t be created.

Now to Sanguinarians. Sanguinarians are also mortals but they feed on the blood of others to stay healthy. Like Psychic vamps, Sanguinarians do not produce enough energy and require feedings to replace energy. Sanguinarians are believed to be born as they are, but like Psychic vampires they come into what they are during puberty. They also have the same results as I mentioned above: problems sleeping at night, sensitivity to sunlight…etc.

Now many feel that the only difference between Sanguinarians and Psychic vampires is that one feeds off of life energy while the other feeds off of blood. There are then others that feel that Sanguinarians don’t require pranic energy at all, that they just need something physical in the blood. There are many theories concerning why a Sanguinarian needs to feed on blood. Some feel that it is simply a mental blood fetish, a fun S&M type of game; others feel it is significantly more than a simple fetish.

All these theories on the differences and similarities of the two kinds of vampires may be why they seem to dislike one another. A clash of conflicting ideas and beliefs.

If you are either a Psychic vampire or a Sanguinarian, what do you think? Do you hate the others, if so why? What are your beliefs on what you are and why you are? With so many different views it is difficult to write a 100% accurate blog on the subject but with helpful comments we may get a better idea and understanding of one another. So please, feel free to share.

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

Moonlight (aka Amanda) loves to write about, read about and learn about everything pertaining to vampires. You will most likely find her huddled over a book of vampire folklore with coffee in hand. Touch her coffee and she may bite you (and not in the fun way).


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  2. this is an amzing article/blog. i personally hate no one, in fact even tho im a psychic vampire i wanna know more about sanguinarians. i personally believe i was born a psychic vampire, just didnt realize it til i awakened. wonderful article/blog. keep up the good work. dark and light blessings

    1. WTF man! I think you just may be depressed. I recommend long walks in the sun for Vitamin D. Unless of course Psi-Vamps cant go in the sunlight. Then you could use vitamin D tablets. If you watch alot of TV, stop. And if you spend a lot of time on facebook go out and meet some real people!!!!!!

      1. Okay, nobody likes a hater. Just because _you_ don’t believe in vampires, doesn’t mean others don’t. Either way, if you don’t believe in vampires, then why comment???

    2. I am a psychic vampire. And I agree with Mike I think I was born this way. And just didn’t realize it until my awakening. For me I am still learning how to feed Any suggestions from anyone it would be helpful. I can kind of feed off others but I can’t get enough. Hopefully I don’t sound crazy to anyone.

  3. First off, thank goodness you mentioned elemental vamps! So many articles/books/blogs regarding vampirism leave that out or discredit that method of feeding all together.

    I am a psy-vamp and agree with Mike about always being a psy-vamp and maybe not realizing the full breadth of it until I was awakened. As far as the sang vs. psy debate, I only have an issue with certain vamps thinking they’re better than others. We are all equal, in my eyes. Seriously, can’t we all just get along? :)

  4. Well, as a “Sang” vampire i was born into it. But i believe that We are not better than “Psi” vampires, we are all the same in a sense. Just different, i think we should take up a certain respect for one another because after all we are all each other have. Humans don’t understand, and Lycans wish to hunt for us and kill us. So we should be grateful to have each other. If anyone “psi” or “sang” wishes to contact me for information about Vampirism, please feel free to @

    Thanks And my the goddess be with us all.
    Lana M.

    1. Thank you! My views exactly. As a Sang, I do NOT understand what all the hate’s about. Personally, I think we’re all just variations on the same species, like a grizzly bear and a black bear. So, why all the rivalry? Neither typer is better than the other.

  5. What do I think? I think you got rather a lot of things quite wrong, so I question what sources you used.

    “Many, not all, but many Sanguinarians feel that they are much more, prestigious if you will, because they are born into their vampirism rather than “awakened” into it like a psi.”
    Nonsense. In almost every case, psychic vampires are born that way as well. Sanguinarians go through the same “awakening” that psivamps do. Awakening only refers to that point in one’s life where one realizes one’s nature, whether that be psivamp, sanguinarian, witch…whatever. Hell, technically realizing one is adopted could be considered an “awakening” of sorts, or realizing one is at heart a teacher. However, the term came into large popular usage in the vampire community (and some others) in the late 90s, so that’s what it tends to get associated with when used in a proper sense.

    “Sang vampires are also known for having generations worth of Sanguinarians in their family, which over the years builds a sense pride and respect in oneself. This tends to cause a rivalry between the two.”
    Again with the stuff n’ nonsense. There is no evidence aside from circumstantial that any type of vampirism is genetic, aside from genetic disorders that cause iron deficiency or blood cravings, of which the cases are rather few (in those cases, vampirism is a treatment for an underlying condition that not all vamps share). And there are close to just as many psivamps who point at parents or grandparents as being likely psivamps, or siblings. And just as many psis & sangs who have no vampiric relatives.

    “This awakening comes during puberty and it causes an assortment of changes, including: problems sleeping at night, sensitivity to sunlight, they have a difficult time digesting solid food (since they switch to feeding on energy), an increase in psychic abilities and heightened senses.”
    Correlation does NOT imply causation. Actually, the reverse case is how it is: the “changes” tend to cause the awakening (which can happen other times than puberty, that just tends to be the most common). As referenced above, “awakening” is the lightbulb moment where one realizes one MIGHT be vampiric. Usually the reason one comes to the realization is because one experiences weird symptoms that can’t be treated any other way, and one eventually reads about vampirism and tries feeding and it all makes sense. Since vampires (both psy and sang) are generally born and not made, for those years before awakening, the person’s system feeds on a low-level at an unconscious level to help it maintain maximum health and function. Awakening tends to happen when something causes a strain on the energetic system and it goes out of whack so that what once worked doesn’t work anymore, and conscious efforts are required in order to keep going. Most of those “drains” you reference above come from unawakened psivamps who have no clue what they’re doing, not “attacks”. And the symptoms you mention above are not universal, they’re just suggestions of what might happen. Same with the sang awakening symptoms (symptoms which non-vampiric individuals also can experience to certain extents. My ex is not vampiric in any way, yet has much worse sun sensitivity and sleep problems than I do.)

    There is no “switch” to feeding on energy; unawakened psivamps as well as awakened psivamps feed on energy, AND on solid food. It’s true, if the body doesn’t have enough vitality because the vamp hasn’t been feeding, digestion can become more uncomfortable, but that’s not because of awakening, it’s energetic deficiency.

    Oh yeah, and as to your “types” of psivamps, there are more than that…we can’t all be fit into boxes like that. Maybe you pinpointed 3 mains or large groups, but your current wording suggests there are no more than the 3 you mention. Might want to fix that, for clarity. And many psivamps, while haven’t a specific type of vitality they _prefer_, can adapt as needed to other sources.

    I understand that you are trying to present less on the fiction and more on the nonfiction, but there are some absolutely horrible books & websites out there, and some disreputable people trolling the community. If you want to do good research in the future, try

  6. @NyteMuse
    I assure you everything is well researched on this website. If you look through all the psi and sang websites and books you will see every single one has a different idea on the subject. Who am I to say who is wrong and who is right? You have one large group saying it is this way and then another large group saying that it is that way instead. You can do all the research in the world and get the same result: everyone believes in something different. The psi and sang beliefs/views are different to everyone, they aren’t set in stone.

    Thank you for your input though. We love to hear a real sang or psi’s point of view on the subject.

  7. I am a fifth generation Psi-Vamp. We have the capability to live beyond a normals lifespan. There are rules past down. We can only take through permission. We also have other capabilities beyond absorbsion. We can read, heal, and other things. I find that we have a lot to offer others. I pitty Sangs. They must risk a lot to gain little. But we all have the same need, to find willing donors. Interesting site. VRIL

  8. I’m a hybrid, but I’m a lot closer to my sang side than my psi one. Personally, I don’t hate anyone except the psi vampires that believe they are superior to sangs and hybrids.

    Also, sangs and hybrids awaken too….. how you got the impression that they didn’t it beyond me. All vamps are born as they are, and just realize it later on.

  9. i dont know guys… how do you classified yourselves as any of these categories… do you just feel that you are vampire just because u want to or one day you woke up on the wrong side of bed and say… today… i am “sang”, or psi or just a vampire? and you will yourself to believe that you are so convince that at the end of the day… u are no longer human..
    say whatever you want to say..

    1. Hey!!! Who do you think we are?!?! Saying “they do not feed upon blood yet they’re considered a form of vampire.” Thats a load of crap!!! We, Psi-Vampires, ARE a form of a Vampire!!! …

  10. Hiya! I am a Psi Vampire. I had always been very spiritually aware and studied magickal arts among other supernatural kinds of things. Then I woke up and fetl really tired, which is unusual for me. I was extremely fatigued, didn’t feel like eating, felt too hot when out in warm weather, had a psychic dream–whic i usually only have about twice a week–and heightened senses. I was scared, at first, but I put it down to adolescence. Then it continued for weeks and I got really worried that it was a condition or osmething. Then I was recommended to read this site by a friend and the notes above–sensitivity to sunlight, digestive problems etc–all related to things that had happened to me. a lot of people woulou embrace who you are rather than reprbetter if you embrace who you are rather than repress it. Feeding is easy for me and i tend to feed of crowds rather than to drain one individual. Thanks Moonlight, you’ve been a great GREAt help.

  11. I (Fierce) and my cousin (Scarlet, I’m at her house and we’re using her computer) are therians/p-shifters that have vampiric qualities/needs. If you must, you can call us hybrids. It’s simpler(?) and easier to understand. But to be classified she is a psi and I am a sang. We definitely do NOT hate each other.

  12. Well I have two friends one who is a physical vampire and one who is a psychic vampire or so she tells me I have seen no proof of it. I have some issues with the psi vamp because she made my other friend feel bad by telling her that she didnt really need the blood at all and that she is horrible for drinking it. I want to hear your takes on that because I have seen her when she has eaten and when she hasnt and when she hasnt she gets extremely ill so I think she needs it. Also my psi vamp friend said that she has fainting spells when she doesnt feed and I want to know what people think of that too. i appreciate all answers whether opinion, life experience, or info that you have seen.

  13. I THINK I’m awakening now. Either that, or someone has been feeding off me. I personally like being around people more than most of my family does. I don’t know how any of it works, like how to feed or whatever. All I know is that when I’m around a really hyper person, even when I’m tired, I’ll become more energetic. Also, I’ve ALWAYS been an insomniac, always been pretty sensitive to sun, and more. I’ve been getting a lot of headaches lately, and even if I don’t stand up quickly I get really dizzy and experience veritgo. I’ve been experiencing vertigo when standing up for the past few years, progressively getting worse. I’ve always been interested in paranormal things, and I think I’ve always subconciously believed in them.

    Also, I’ve been having a taste for blood lately. Like, whenever I cut myself by accident(I never cut on purpose), I want to taste it. I love the smell and taste of blood. I don’t think I’m a sang vampire, especially if sang vampires ARE genetic. My grandma is against anything paranormal, my mom…I think she believes in ghosts but I’m not sure, and so on. I don’t know my dad’s side but I’m sure they aren’t sangs.

    I want to ask…do you guys think I am? or am I just crazy? If I am, am I a psi or hybrid? (I know I’m one of the two if either of them.) I’m also into witchcraft, spells, ect. I do basic (VERY basic, as in, the most you need is to draw something on paper or hold something and say a chant or something similar). I also seem to be pretty good and telling what others are feeling. I’m good at KNOWING people for who they are and trying to help them, at seeing through the blocks they put on everyone else. Is any of THIS even important?

    I guess mainly I just want to know if I’m psycho, or a psi vamp or something to that extent?

  14. I am 34 years old. I have recently awakened as a Psi vampire. I never thought any of this sort of thing would hold any merit, looking as vampires and supernatural believers as wannabees or roleplayers and nothing more. Well, fate has proven me wrong and opened my eyes by thrusting me into this new situation and all I can say is that feeding is now what I live for. All of my life I have been pale and thin to the point that people thought I had Mononucleosis for awhile. My parents took me to doctors who thought it might be a Thyroid problem. I have never felt well. I have always looked young. Even though I am 34, I still get carded for cigarettes and R rated movies.
    Recently, though, I have started realizing that when people feel strongly … any emotion at all, from fear, to love, to hate, I can feel a strange warmth and tingling in my shoulders and chest; it is difficult to describe but I feel really good afterward. I have energy, I find myself smiling and being more chatty, just generally in a better mood.
    I know I am a lot older than the average person when they awaken. To me, this just makes the impact it has on my life even more severe. I never thought to research what was going on or look for help, I thought people would just think I was crazy.
    My point is that there are probably others going through the same thing, and whether you are a Sanguinarian or Psychic vampire, you probably know what it feels like to be scared of wierd changes that happen to you.
    Knowing what it’s like to go through that, I couldn’t really imagine feeling a rivalry or animosity to anyone else who has experienced the same thing.
    If there is a percieved rivalry, it is probably only due to the behavior of those who are like I was: slightly scared, in denial, and unwilling to admit I need help.

  15. Hello. My friend who is a sang vamp wants to know if there is any substitute to drinking fresh blood like is there any safe way to keep it packaged or something like that I don’t know and most of you have had to deal with this longer so maybe you have already run into this problem so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated and nevermind about my earlier comment the friend who said she was a psi vamp lied so yeah

  16. My ex-boyfriend claimed to be a hybrid Psychic Vampire, Sanguinarian Vampire and Wolf. Although I never saw him in a Sang state (he never drank from me, or drank while around me), he would tell me that when he went long periods of time without drinking blood, his health would decline (dizziness, weakness, fatigue, etc). However, he would feed from my emotions and would also feed during sexual intercourse. As for his Wolven traits, he would join a pack in his area and follow Pack law.

    When I first met him, there was something about him that made him stand out to me, so I gave him my number (which I had never done). We were both in the Military at the time, and in different units. I was set to go overseas shortly after we met, and his unit was going to a different country overseas a few months after mine. We formed an imprint that ended up being a gift and a curse. After I left and arrived in South Korea (May 2008), I could feel his presence around me at times, in human as well as wolf form. There were several times where I could feel his emotions as well as physical pain. We separated in October 2008 and I wanted nothing to do with him. There were days where he would randomly invade the space in my head and refuse to leave, and he began appearing to me in my dreams. When that would happen, within 72 hours he would contact me. After several months, we began talking again, although there were times we would go days, weeks and months without talking, then pick up like nothing had changed. Over time, I came to realize that when he would randomly appear in my thoughts/dreams, it was because something was going on in his life that threw things out of balance. For example, this past June I was visiting his family and had a dream about him. Within hours, I found out that he was due to be married in a few days. Even more recently, members of his family could be talking to each other about him or mentioning me or a song will play on the radio that reminds them of me so they dub it ‘my song’ and it could be playing and all of a sudden I send them a text or call from out of the blue.
    I believe that being around him those few short months had awakened me as a Psychic Vampire and Wolf hybrid. When I could feel that he was angry, and especially on one occassion where he was very angry, I would begin to growl from out of nowhere. I also feel myself strangely drawn to tortured souls (and of course, he fit that category as well), and believe they are the ones that I am more apt to “feed” from. I feel the urge to lessen or remove their pain if at all possible. I also have the ability to read others quite well (especially my ex) and am able to generally pick up on their emotion as well as if they are hiding something, and how they try to hide it. It is interesting to be able to see behind their mask, yet stand back and observe how well the person is able to hide behind the mask with others.

    I am interested in learning more about both Psychic and Sanguinarian Vampires, as well as hybrids. Also any thoughts on what I have said would be appreciated as well. Thank you.

  17. Well if any type of vampire is reading this I believe in you. All so I think I might be a Sang or a Psychic vampire but still not for sure but I am 100% you are real. I also hope that I can learn more about vampires and know for sure if I am a Sang or a Psychic vampire. If any vampire what’s to help me fell free to. And I also what to know what my dream is trying to tell me but to me vampires are real. If people try to tell you are not real I would say vampires are real and I don’t care if they are different that is why I am interested in vampires. I also don’t care if vampires are dangerous because they are still people to me. Sometimes I wish people can see what I see though my eyes and see the world the way I see it. If anybody want to contact me and help me my Myspace name is ( Payton Linden ) thank for listening!!!!

  18. Hey I have a question? I know I’m a vampire but I don’t know if I’m a vampire/werewolf? Like I feed on bad painful emotions but yet when I feel anger from me or somebody else I get this heighten stamina and strength I heard that vampires can possess superhuman strength I have on my mother’s side family roots to 13th century Europe. So am I vampire who when feeds gains heighten stamina and strength? Any commonets would help thank you.

  19. I know many were thought as young children that there was no magic beings and that vampires,mermaids,and witches were not real well here’s your explanation…
    -vampire yes we are very much real but human society has made you believe the classic Dracula immortal twilight crap however we respect humans and wish to not harm you especially for my psi kind because at one point we were just like you before we awakened.
    -mermaid yes many see the beautiful maiden who sings to send ships to their doom however a recent discovery has found the first “mermaid” whom is not what you picture it (national geographic and BBC).
    -witches you may see the green long nosed classic witch of ox when this word pops up but real real “witches” are people who follow a polytheistic religion denied by Christianity as a way t contain fear and end acts like the hanging in Salem Massachusetts. Witches are real and they cast spells however it’s your choice to accept them as a person or keep them as a monster.

  20. What about Hybrids both Sang and Psi? Is that even possible. Also can’t Psi vampires drink blood as well because it is a very potent form of energy?

    Ps: Blog is very accurate. And nicely explained. Will be helpful when explaining.


    1. You can’t turn into a vampire, at least not a sang, I don’t know about psi; as stated above Sangs are born into what they are, nothing can turn you

  22. How to identify if that someone feed on me or I’m a psychic Vampire I don’t know, anyway I was diagnosed with low thyroid, Dysautonomia sensitivity from sun and fire and heat only be more healthy on very cold environments, or I become sooo fatigue no energy sleepy can’t think well very low blood pressure, no medical cure, so I read about brana… etc anyway the impossible happened accidentally if I went out in the sun or on hot / warm environment and become sooo fatigue and have migraine if I meditate and absorbed energy from nature,, aire, ice, my plants, the active emotions like happiness, love,I get so well and better my blood pressure become normal the fatigue, dizziness go way for the surprise of my doctor as there is no medical cure, so why absorbing healing me
    Something else it was happening in the past if I became angry from someone and that anger mixed with hatred at the moment immediately that person feels headache dizziness nausea weakness and become sick, but now I learned to not feel with that destructive anger but very very little times that happen in rage
    So my question how the energy absorbing heal me while the medicine failed and what that, is that someone feed on me or I’m a psychic Vampire?
    Why when I have that rage the other person becomes sick
    Sorry for my bad English

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