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Ratings For The Season Finale of THE PASSAGE

Let’s get the bad news out of the way. It all comes down to the ratings. Ratings are dollar signs. And as I’ve said before, the numbers required for a show from one of the networks to be considered a success are ridiculously high compared to a cable series. The two-part season finale of THE PASSAGE earned an overall 0.8/4 share and was watched by an estimated 3.12 million people. If you’ve been keeping up, you will note that this is on par with last week’s ratings but down from the few weeks preceding it. That wouldn’t be so bad, as it isn’t *that* big of a dip.


They measured both hours of the two-part closer. And the ratings for the second hour fell to a 0.7 share—which is the lowest ratings score for any episode of the entire season. Sadly, friends, I expect that’ll do it. The show went out on bottom as opposed to going out on top. It’s not a guaranteed death sentence, but the odds of us getting a second season now are most assuredly not in our favor. Don’t get your hopes up. If I had to put money on it, I’d say we might—might—get a few more episodes as a mid-season replacement next year. And that’s the best case scenario.

At least we had one season of this excellent show that was too smart, stylish, and refined for the commoners who prefer drivel like THE BACHELOR or one of the 1427 different singing competitions currently on the air.

Back to watching cable!

TheCheezman • March 12, 2019

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