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Re-celebrating Our Award!

Because gosh-darn it, we deserve it!

Maybe it’s silly, but I was really proud when VAMPIRES.COM won first place in the “Top 25 Vampire Blogs and Websites for Vampire Lovers” from Feedspot. Considering I do most of the writing for this site, I think I’m entitled a teensy bit. How long has it been now since this honor was first announced? I don’t know, but I’m declaring it our anniversary, anyway. Because I can. And because I wanna enjoy the feeling again.

I won’t dedicate an entire post to warm reminiscences, though. So…

Check out this official glow-in-the-dark Nosferatu poster. Sara Deck from Grey Matter Art created it, and I dig it. You can purchase a print for only $45, or if you’re like me and that’s a tad steep (and you are out of room on your office walls), you can just copy and save the picture as a jpeg. By sharing it here, though, I hope to provide some free advertisement for Ms. Deck.

There’s also a new Funko ReAction figure of Nosferatu, that also glows in the dark. I already own the totally rad Graf Orlock figure that McFarlane Toys put out a few years back, part of their “Silent Screamers” series, or I woulda bought it. Then again, I might buy it anyway. I could paint it gold, mount it on a base, and declare it the physical representation of my “Number one vampire site” award.

Actually, that’s not a totally unattractive idea. I wouldn’t really use the Nosferatu figure for it, but…

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TheCheezman • February 23, 2018

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