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Read This: Dracula Was a Woman by Raymond T. McNally

Fictional tale of a female dracula.

A lot of people rely heavily on Wikipedia when researching their romance novels, their Kindle ebooks, and the swill that is considered “trendy” literature today. But there was a time, when people wanted to research for a book, they would approach these magical places, known as “libraries”. It’s where they kept books, fiction and nonfiction, magazines, all kinds of stuff. There was a time before they were the place where you can rent movies for free, and leach wifi. 

A large segment of the book deals with the history of Elizabeth Bathory; her life in the courts, accusations, witnesses’ testimonies, and the real stories and words people spoke about her at the time. Her own defense is there as well; the history is fascinating, as well as the story that follows, detailing the life of a fictional female vampire aristocrat. If it’s been a while since you read something nonfictional, check this one out. 


annimi • February 27, 2015

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