Ready for the Next Episode of True Blood?!

I know I am! My birthday comes right after the next episode, –well, sort of, on Tuesday… So I’m excited. This episode is like a birthday present. So here we go!

Alcide Comes to Sookie’s Aid

So for some reason… something to do with Eric, wandering around in the daytime, Alcide turns up, cop-knocking on Sookie’s door. Sorry director/writer/whoever, but in the South, when we here someone knocking at the door with that particular energy, we usually turn off all the lights, sit on the floor, and pray that it’s only the dreaded visit from “Mother in Law”. But she did actually run out to meet him, and thank goodness, because that gave us all a chance to see Alcide’s bush. Wow. So… going commando is pretty cool. It’s a good thing he was steady with that zipper… he probably has something in that region that we’d all like to see kept safe.

Bill Questions Pam

You know, Bill is turning into a real dick. Maybe he needs some time out to remember why he’s king in the first place. Because Sophie-Ann got a little too big for her proverbial britches, and ended up stepping on the wrong toes. If there were ever wrong toes to be stepped on, they’d be Eric’s. Though his feet are definitely cute and manly, as we saw in the last episode. Bill had better watch his ass, –especially now that he’s screwing that slut Portia. Who is um… ew, related to him. Barf.

Marnie is Asked to Reverse the Spell

I love watching Marnie in action; Fiona Shaw is an amazing actress, who fully fills the role, and she definitely does the part justice. Marnie, witch with a cause… she is just a tad hairbrained about the cause, and hasn’t fully worked out what it is yet. Only now she’s been possessed by a witch who definitely has a purpose. Only she’s not playing according to the rules of the game; that is to say, all Marnie’s Wiccan tricks aren’t working. As we saw in the last episode, Marnie wants to ‘summon’ the witch who took her over. But as far as getting this evil bitch to yield, and do what she’s asked… eh. I think the witch who controls Marnie is perfectly satisfied with the current state of affairs, with no desire for any inconvenient changes.

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