Rebekah is Returning to The Vampire Diaries… and she’s pissed

The last time Vampire Diaries’ fans saw Rebekah she was getting stabbed in the back (literally) by Elena and thrown in a dungeon. We haven’t heard much more on her since then, no word on whether or not she is coming back. But now we know. Executive producer Julie Plec has confirmed that Rebekah is returning – and she’s not going to be happy.

Plec dished on Rebekah (played by Claire Holt), saying that the character was meant to make a big impact.

“That character was obviously meant to make a splash. I mean, when we introduced her she gets to walk in and lick blood off Stefan’s mouth. Hello. Her entrance was pretty powerful,” Julie laughs. “She has this great presence. She’s a mean girl without being unlikable, she’s tough without being too aggressive, she’s vulnerable without being a sap. Everything about her is so fun to watch. She also happens to be a very nice person off-screen, which is always a bonus.’

Plec also chatted a bit on big things to come, like how Rebekah will wake up soon, and how she’s won’t be very cheery when she does. After all, she did share some big personal secrets with Elena, only to have Elena betray her.

“She ain’t gonna be happy,” says Julie. “She doesn’t like to be duped, she doesn’t like to be betrayed, and she certainly doesn’t let anyone get the one-up on her, which is what Elena did.”

Unfortunately, Plec couldn’t reveal any real spoilers, so we don’t know who it is that will be removing the dagger from Rebekah’s back. The obvious answer would be Klaus, but I have a feeling the show will twist it and have someone a little less expected do it.

So, we can expect more of Rebekah, but don’t expect any more sweet heart to heart conservations with her and Elena. I have a feeling Rebekah has revenge on her mind.

“The funny thing about the Originals as villains and antiheroes — they’re very similar to how Damon used to be, where it’s always two steps forward, one step back with them. Just when there’s an emotional connection being forged, either one of our heroes literally stabs them in the back, or they do something destructive to destroy the relationship,” Julie said.

I pretty excited to see more of Rebekah. I hated her at first, but now I kind of like her and even feel bad for her. I’m also pretty geeked about meeting her other brothers.

What do you think of Rebekah? Happy that she’s coming back?

The Vampire Diaries will return January 5, 2012.

Check out the promo for the next episode below:

– Moonlight

By Moonlight

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